Half Life - Natural Selection Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Half Life - Natural Selection 
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 Half Life - Natural Selection Cheats

Half Life - Natural Selection

Submitted by: conner54

Cheat Codes:
NOTE: sv_cheats must be set to 1 in order for these cheats to work. 

Code                 Effect
spawnhive          - As an alien, creates a random new hive for your team.
killhive           - As an alien, destroys a random hive.
addcat x           - X where is 1-4. Adds a random upgrade category, just like
                     you had built an upgrade chamber (1 is defense, 2 used to
                     be offense, 3 is movement, 4 is sensory).
removecat x        - Take a guess.
givepoints         - Gives you some points.
killall            - Kills all players in the game with your current weapon.
                     (won't kill teammates unless FF is on via tournament mode).
invul              - Toggles invulnerability for yourself.
startgame          - Starts game immediately (untested for awhile).
endgame            - Ends the current game (as a victory for team one). You can also
                     type ''endgame 1'' for the same effect. If you type ''endgame 2'',
                     it will be a victory for team 2.
tooltip lala       - Adds a tooltip named ''lala''. It will translate this tooltip if
                     found in titles.txt, if possible.
testevent          - Plays a ''you just got points for killing the enemy event'', for
                     testing where the commander can see events (he can't sometimes, 
                     when hovering over the void, or inside geometry).
getnumplayers      - Reports the current number of human players.
startcommandermode - Teleports you near the first command station it finds and starts
                     commander mode. This will sometimes teleport you inside geometry.
stopcommandermode  - Drops you out of command mode, useful when your mouse or the logout
                     button stops working.
web                - Gives you the effects of having just touched one web. Use multiple
                     times to simulate touching multiple webs.
setculldistance x  - Used by mappers to find the minimum culling distance needed for 
                     commander mode on their maps.
setgamma x         - Sets the current env_gamma level, where x is a number from 1.0 to
                     2.0. This affects all players.
bigdig             - All buildings are built instantly, doesn't require manual building.
hightech           - All research happens nearly instantly.
orderself          - When commanding and giving orders, this will give the orders to 
                     yourself, so you can logout and see how they look on the HUD. There's
                     no way to stop doing this after you've used this cheat.
editps             - Used to edit a particle system.
listps             - Lists all particle systems in NS and in the map.
buildminimap       - Generates a new minimap. Very CPU intensive. Saved in the 
                     ns/sprites/minimaps directory.
crash              - Causes NS to crash.
assert             - Causes NS to assert.
run                - Runs a server-side script. Ignore this until scripting is more in
clientrun          - Runs a client-side script.
giveupgrade x      - Gives an upgrade. 20-22 are the marine armor upgrades, 23-25 are the
                     marine damage upgrades, 28 is jetpacks, 29 is power armor, 31 is faster
                     reinforcements, 33 is motion-tracking, 26 is siege, 27 is stimpack, 30 
                     is distress beacon.
removeupgrade x    - Like giveupgrade but removes one.
killcs             - Kills all command stations.
attackcs           - Does a little damage to one command station.
alert              - Generates a random alert. 
parasite           - Parasites self (no damage).
paralyze           - Paralyzes self (like level 5 ability).
boxes              - Draws boxes around all buildables (not sure if this still works). 
                     Effect goes away after a short time.
overflow           - Tries to overflow player.
deathmessage       - Sends test death message to all. Example: "deathmessage machinegun", 
                     "deathmessage bitegun".
setskin x          - Sets the players skin (0 for white marine, 1 for black marine).
redeem             - Makes it easier to test redemption.

Upgrade codes:
Use one of the following values for the giveupgrade and removeupgrade codes.

Distress beacon       - 30 
Faster reinforcements - 31 
Jetpacks              - 28 
Marine armor upgrade  - 20 
Marine armor upgrade  - 21 
Marine armor upgrade  - 22 
Marine damage upgrade - 23 
Marine damage upgrade - 24 
Marine damage upgrade - 25 
Motion-tracking       - 33 
Power Armor           - 29 
Siege                 - 26 
Stimpack              - 27

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