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  Hints and Tips for: Helldorado 
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 Helldorado Cheats


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Helldorado is a Wild West Tactical Action & Strategy game based on the
universe created by Spellbound for its previous games. It continues on
from where Western Commando ended and gives players the opportunity to
answer some of the mysterious questions left open. But it also offers 
a well balanced and self-contained story for those players who didn't 
play those games at all. 

Santa Fe in the late summer of 1883. Lester Lloyd Goodman is dead and 
buried, and his railway empire lies in ruins. Cooper enjoys his bittersweet
revenge, but only for a short while, because something else is wrong: Doc 
McCoy has disappeared. He was kidnapped and poisoned. The person behind the
disappearance seems to be Goodman’s widow.
She meets Cooper in a church in Santa Fe, where she makes him a diabolical 
offer: she will spare Doc’s life if Cooper will carry out a few assignments 
that will brand him as a criminal. Cooper agrees.

Together with his friends he sets out to free Doc McCoy. But the more enmeshed 
they become in the crime, the clearer it becomes that much more is involved 
than the revenge of a young woman.

* Real-time strategy and tactics in a hard-edged adventure in the old American 
  Wild West. 
* Breathtaking scenarios including the forgotten Rochester’s Jail, a stormy 
  train robbery in a relay station, a bloody sunset in Santa Fe, an ambush in
  the dark and gruesome Blackwater, and a visit to the beautiful New Orleans 
* Enhanced Quick Actions: Unique to Spellbound games, this feature allows 
  players to pre-schedule their heroes’ movements. Helldorado introduces a 
  visual representation of intended actions combined with pause mode, keywords
  overview and tactical waypoint display 
* Combo Actions pair skills from any combination of two heroes for added tactical
* Movie Mode for recording, watching and exporting of your own heroic deeds. 
  Be your own Hollywood director! 
* Switch instantly between freely rotatable and zoomable isometric and 3rd person
  views to gain the greatest tactical advantage. 
* Powerful, effective and fast-paced hero control using an extremely reactive 
  and easy to learn interface 
* Exciting step-by-step tutorial gets you into the action fast – for beginners 
  and experienced heroes, both. 
* 3 well-balanced difficulty levels – tailor-made for your basic tenderfoot, 
  average cow puncher, or hard-drivin’ gunslingers. 
* More than one way to play… and more than one way to score your reward. 
  Play it your way… or all ways! 
* Avoid unpleasant – and deadly – surprises with Helldorado’s intelligent early 
  warning system. If you’re clever and observant, you’ll survive longer. 
* 60 different enemies with tactical behavior driven by our advanced AI system. 
* Use your enemies’ weaknesses against them. Use alcohol or seduction as weapons
  in a game of deadly cat and mouse.

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