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  Hints and Tips for: Hexplore 
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 Hexplore Cheats


Cheat Codes:
During a game, press "Enter", type the code, and press "Enter" again.

Code                    Effect
Mister White          - God mode.
Talking To Me         - Kills all enemies.
Rat Race              - Full life.
Show                  - Display Coordinates.
Satisfaction          - Temporary weapon speed increase for selected heroes.
Think Positive        - Temporarily doubles weapon damage for selected heroes.
What A Difference     - Temporary walk speed boost to selected heroes.
My Drug #             - Gives ammo to the character's selected weapon.
                        (ex:"My Drug 999" while the archer's bow is highlighted)
Glory Day             - No fog.
I'll Take You There # - Teleports to episode/level 
                        (ex: "I'll Take You There 2" goes to Episode 0, Level 2)
The adventurer's mines can be very useful in the final battle. Simply cover the
entire floor of the room with pulsing proximity mines (several hundred should be
sufficient) and then summon your opponents - they won't last very long.

Hexplore - HEX Cheat:
These are 4 bytes Hex. Values can go up to 9,999,999 without system crash.

Health for Adventurer:         004425C8
Health for Archer:             00442D68
Health for Warrior:            00442998
Health for Sorceror:           00443138
Mana for Adventurer:           004425BC
Mana for Archer:               00442D5C
Mana for Warrior:              0044298C
Mana for Sorceror:             0044312C
Archer's Darts:                00442AE4
Archer's Poisoned Bolas:       00442B14
Archer's Crossbow:             00442AF4
Adventurer's Poison:           00442734
Adventurer's Explosive Powder: 004426F4
Adventurer's Healing Potion:   00442744
Warrior's Shockwave:           00442ED4

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