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  Hints and Tips for: Highlander 
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 Highlander Cheats


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Owen MacLeod, born in Gaul over 2000 years ago, was the son of a tribal
chieftain whose village was crushed by the Roman Empire. MacLeod was 
sent in chains to the gladiatorial arena in Pompeii where he faced what
he imagined to be a short life of battle. However, it was in the Coliseum
where he was killed, only to miraculously recover and begin a new life as
an Immortal. Fighting through centuries against other Immortals in 
legendary battles ending in death by beheading, MacLeod now faces a 
mysterious and almost all-powerful Immortal who is hunting him down in
New York City. With his mentor, Methos, guiding him, MacLeod learns that
the only way to destroy this ultimate nemesis, is to search out the three
fragments of a mysterious stone that when pieced together, yields unlimited
power to the Immortal who possesses it. 
Highlander: The Game enables gamers to exploit the powers of immortality 
and manipulate situations that death would normally prevent in order to 
combat the forces of evil. MacLeod can use his body as a conduit for 
electricity or fire, impale himself with enemy weapons to disarm them, and
survive long falls from buildings to escape enemy attacks. Gamers can also
master a variety of Highlander swords including the Claymore, Katana, and 
Twin Gladius.
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