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  Hints and Tips for: Hitman 2 (2018) 
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 Hitman 2 (2018) Cheats

Hitman 2 (2018)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Blend in with Crowds:
In Hitman 2 you are able to bend in with crowds, make sure you use this ability to your 

In Hitman 2 the Breifcases that haven’t been seen since 2012 return. You can use it to stow 
a sniper rifle which you use by just opening the case and extracting the gun like a magician 
extracts a bunny from his hat and then closing the lid.

-=Hide Bodies=-
It is recommended that you always find the time to hide dead bodies, even if you think nobody 
will find them.

-=Security Checkpoints=-
There are certain levels such as Mumbai and Miami where carrying a concealed weapon is not a 
good tactic as you will need to get through security checkpoints. In these instances it is 
advised that you use stashes to put weapons inside areas that you will be infiltrating anyway. 
Bathrooms are always good.

-=Carry a Lockpick=-
One of the most useful items in your arsenal is the lockpick as it allows you to open containers, 
break into buildings, and cut through shortcuts. Makes sure you always carry it with you and take 
advantage of it whenever possible.

-=Hiding in Foilage=-
In Hitman 2 you can still hide in foilage without being seen but in this game you will be heard 
if you move quickly in it. You won’t be spotted but any nearby characters will be alerted of your 
presence and turn in your direction.

-=Scout and Explore=-
Whenever you load into a new area it is advised that before you do anything you first scout and 
explore it. This mean walking around the whole of the map making a note of where the mission 
starts and where the exit points are. You will also earn bonus XP for discovering locations which 
makes this worth doing before you start the mission.

-=Security Cameras=-
It is important that you always keep an eye out for security cameras and immediately shoot them 
down when you see one. Getting spotted by security cameras reduces your score and will alert the 
enemy of your presence if you are trespassing without a disguise. If you don’t have your silenced 
pistol hold R1 to see the field of a camera’s vision.

-=Save Often=-
The autosave feature in Hitman 2 cannot be relied on, it is advised that you manually save often 
and before key moves just in case things start to go awry and you have a save state to fall back on.

Secret treasure vault:
To find the secret treasure vault and get the "It Belongs In A Museum" achievement, 
complete the following steps:

1. Go to the village in Columbia, and locate the brown shop (behind the green building) at 
the top of the hill that leads down to the Fishing Shanty area. Run to the shop to see the 
villager locking the door. Knockout the shopkeeper and take his key to get inside (breaking 
in causes the idol to disappear). Take the Gold Idol.

2. Collect the Shaman Costume from the Shaman at the outskirts of the village. To quietly 
steal his outfit, place the Emetic Flower (in the field nearby) in his pot.

3. Go to the Altar Cavern. You can access it from the Construction Site. At the Construction 
Site, shoot the rope holding the log to cross the river without entering the Construction Site.

4. Place the Gold Idol statue in the slot to the right stone relief, near the jungle entrance 
to the Altar Cavern. The wall will slide and reveal the hidden treasure vault. To cross the 
trap, follow these steps (start from the second square from the left): Three Forward, Three 
Right, Two Forward, One Left, One Forward, Two Left, Two Forward, Two Right, Two Forward, One 
Left, One Forward.

5. Collect the Burial Knife on the altar to get the "It Belongs In A Museum" achievement and 
complete the challenge. You will also unlock the Sacrificial Knife in the loadout menu.
Note: You can leave without worrying about the deadly traps. The dart-shooters will shoot out 
party streamers and balloons instead.

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