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  Hints and Tips for: Hobbit 
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 Hobbit Cheats


Cheat Codes:
GANDOLF THE GREAT-Gain 500 gold and make your men invincible!
(Note: code is case-sensitive)

Barrels Out of Bound:
In Barrels Out of Bound in the Deep Water Caverns (Rescuing Thorin), where
you first come in there is a platform with vines. Climb them and jump on 
the ropes to the left and around the bend until you see the blue crystal.
Later you will be able to get Master Throwing Tactics, which is in a cave
to the left of the main gate (after you put the dwarves in barrels without
opening the gate). Then up on the ledges, go right and follow the path 
attached to the wall. You will see a barred gate and a switch. Insert 
Opening Crystal #4. In that cave you will find Master Throwing Tactics and
some jewels.

Lake Town: Wine bottle riddle:
Once you get all five of the wine bottle in Lake-Town, Malloc will tell you 
a riddle about how the bottles are arranged. The order is as follows: 

1. Yellow Wine Bottle 
2. Blue Wine Bottle 
3. Red Wine Bottle 
4. Black Wine Bottle 
5. Purple Wine Bottle 

Graveyard: Defeating the zombie:
When you have to fight the big zombie in the graveyard, kill the purple
zombies first. Then, run round the graveyard and collect the mushrooms 
if needed. If the big zombie is firing at you, go close to him so that 
he starts following you. Do a sword attack then start running around the
graveyard again. The mushrooms reappear. Get them if needed. Keep doing 
a sword attack on the zombie until he is defeated. Do not attack the 
zombie in armor that is near the big zombie's side; when you kill it, 
the purple zombies come back again and you will have to kill them all 
over again. If the big zombie starts to fire at you again, then go close
to him and he should draw his sword and follow you. 

Water room puzzle:
To gain entry to the water room, read the plaques on either side of the 
puzzle: "You must walk through EREBOR to reach it's heart". Approach the
statue behind you and press [Action]. The runes on the front spell EREBOR.
Spell these out on the puzzle floor and the door will open. 
Note: Make sure to walk on the letters in the correct order.

Easy courage points:
* In the last level (Gathering Of The Clouds), when you meet up with Lianna,
  you can get endless courage points by either waiting at the top of the 
  ladder for Lianna to kill all of the Orcs, or by fighting them yourself.
  The Orcs will keep appearing, supplying you with endless courage points.

* At the beginning of the final level (The Clouds Burst) after talking to 
  Gandalf and receiving his message, look around. You will see three female
  Elves. Face away from Gandalf and Elvenking Thranduil. Then, go to the 
  female elf on your left. Talk to this female elf seven times and a lot 
  of courage points (value 50) will appear, which you will automatically 
  collect. This will total 2,000 courage points. If you do not receive 
  the 2,000 courage points, you are probably talking to the wrong female
  elf. In this case, just try the others until you get the courage points.

Easy rope jumping:
Use the following trick if you are on a rope and need to jump to another
rope. Face the other rope and wait until Bilbo reaches out and tries to 
grab the other rope. Then, jump.

Minimal solution:
This is the minimal solution for the game. I played the DOS and Win32 version, but
it should be the same for all versions.

* First inspect the chest to get the torch (x chest). Then ask Gandalf about the
  map, he'll give it to you (ask gandalf about map).

* Walk east (e) to meet the trolls and wait for dawn to make them stoned (wait). 
  Go north into the troll's cave (n) and get the sword (get sword). Back south 
  (s) and east (e) to Rivendell, and further north (n).

* Get onto the raft (go raft) and you'll eventually land in Smaug's cave. Cut 
  his cigar with the sword (cut cigar) to get his treasure and a free lift back
  to Rivendell.

* Now just walk back home (w) (w) to win the game. wait. n. get sword. s. e. n. 
  go raft. cut cigar. w. w.

Defeating Smaug:
Stay behind the debris until all of the fire is gone. Even though he stops, some
fire is still there and it will kill even if you take one step out. The ring will
not help you at all. 

Defeating Smaug:
Stay behind the debris until all of the fire is gone. Even though he stops, some 
fire is still there and it will kill even if you take one step out. The ring will
not help you at all. 

Easy rope jumping:
Use the following trick if you are on a rope and need to jump to another rope. Face
the other rope and wait until Bilbo reaches out and tries to grab the other rope. 
Then, jump.

Flies And Spiders: Defeating the Spider Bosses:
After freeing all the Dwarf's from the cocoons, there will be a cinematic where 
three huge spiders drop down. The first one is easy. Just attack her normally or
throw rocks from a safe spot to kill her. The second one is relatively easy. Pick
up a Fire Rock upgrade and run to the nearest platform to a safe location. Throw 
the rocks at her until she is dead. The third one is the most difficult to kill. 
Get a Freeze Rock upgrade and run over to a platform. Throw a rock at her, then 
take out Sting if she is close to you, and the Walking Stick if she is far. Normal
jump towards her with Sting and do a jump attack ( PlayStation2 press Square in 
mid-air) if she is close. If she is far, do a far jump followed by a jump attack.
If you can manage it, take Sting out as you are doing the far jump to do maximum 
damage. Repeat the process until she is defeated. If you run low on health, drink
a health potion or do a far jump from the platform you are on to the corner 
nearest to you with some mushrooms.

Mirkwood Forest: Avoiding spiders:
* Go to the North Camp. After you fill the hole with water, go to the camp. 
Slowly walk toward the gold chest until spiders appear. Then, run back to the 
water and jump onto the log. If done correctly, the spiders will have followed
you to the water. The spiders will try to get you, but will instead fall in the
water. You will not get the courage points, but you will have saved your life 

* Stay at the North Camp. Destroy all the webs except the one that makes you 
fall into a pit. Forget that one and just continue with the game. When You 
return to the North Camp, destroy that web. You will fall into a pit. Normally
a huge spider would have been in the pit, but if you killed all the spiders 
first, that spider will no longer appear.

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