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  Hints and Tips for: Hollow Knight 
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 Hollow Knight Cheats

Hollow Knight

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beating the First Pantheon with Full Bindings:
Written by Lemonade River

For those struggling to make this amazing feat, a collection of tips to make you 
eventual death come a little later.

-=Vengefly King=-
So we get to the first boss wich you should have absolutely no problem beating but 
I understand that there are people that aren't that good at the game so let's start.

You ever seen a bullfight? If you haven't I wouldn't really recommend it but thats 
kind of what we're going to do, wait for each of the fly's attacks and respond 
accordingly, if he charges at you jump over him and as he's right below you strike 
him and if you want to spice it up dash toward him after that and strike him again 
(this won't always work) and jump back on the platform, if he screams take out the 
adds as quickly as you can so they won't get in your way as you're landing. 
That's it, pretty easy right?

This one's pretty simple, every time right after he charges, you can also heal while 
he's screaming but if you dont make it in time he charges quickly after (not always) 
and interrupts your healing so it is possible but if you want to keep it safe just 
do the first one.

-=Gruz Mother=-
With one boss down we get to the fat fly, pretty easy too (since it's one of the 
first bosses) but it is still part of the pantheon and it kicked my ??? when I tried 
to beat it in ascended mode.

I actually got this part from fireb0rn's video (which is actually a speedrun) so 
thanks :) The Gruz Mother has 2 states, normal and bounce, in normal you're going 
to strike her from below and after about 4 to 5 blows you need to dodge her charge 
preferably by going over her and when you have your soul charged use howling wraiths 
on her. For bounce mode you want to strike her when she hits the ground and move a 
little to the side she's going to (unless you're against a wall, then you want to 
dash while she's above) and turn back around instantly to strike her again, I find 
it easy to sync this to the ryhth of her body banging up and down on the floor and 

For healing spots you have after she charges (just make a little distance before 
you heal), while she's banging up and down (again, just make some distance before 
actually healing) and right after she stops bouncing.

-=False Knight=-
For the third and actual first boss which is easy to beat and just as easily 

When the fight starts dash up to him and start beating him up and when he jumps start 
charging you nail art (nail arts and spells are going to be extremely useful throught 
the whole pantheon) and use the great slash as soon as he lands, if he jumps towards 
you dash under him, if he jumps away from you you can pursue him but he's probably 
going to do his wave attack so keep that in mind. When you finally get him down you 
need to stike him four times and when he jumps to the middle of the room stand next 
to where he's going to land (this can get a bit difficult to get right) and use howling 
wraiths before he starts smashing, whe he does start smashing dash away (you won't have 
time to walk) and dodge the falling things, you could hit them but its not really necessary.

If you get hit during the fight you really dont have much of an opening, you can heal 
when he's down and because he stays down a while you can actually dream nail him so 
you don't have to sacrifice you magic attack but what I recommend is healing after the 
fight is done, you can dream nail the armor for soul and if you're fast you can get up 
to 3 masks healed (I got this one from fireb0rn too).

-=Massive Moss Charger=-
So I literally just did the exact same thing fireb0rn did in his video (I don't know 
where I would be whithout it) so i'm just going to link it.

If you don't think you can do the whole combo you should keep it to your max and break 
it by doing a bounce attack (jumping over the enemy and attacking downwards).

After each attack, really easy but you shouldn't try it unless you're sure you've got 

The Best Charm Combination for Platforming:
Written by Tobetko

When it comes to platforming challenges, you try your best to survive as many 
fails as possible. In this guide, i am going to show you the most effective way of 
doing it.

I see a lot of people recommending the use of Hiveblood+Grubsong charm combo for 
doing White palace and such. Basically, you get hurt, by which Grubsong gives you 
+15% Soul. Then you wait 10 seconds for Hiveblood to regenerate that one lost mask, 
and do the whole process again. By this, you can indefinitely, although very slowly 
gain Soul to heal in tough situations. The charm notch cost for this combo is 5 
notches (Hiveblood-4, Grubsong-1). But what if I tell you that there is a more 
effective way to do this?

-=Deep focus+Grubsong+Grubberfly’s elegy=-
Now, most people maybe do not know this, but if you combine Grubsong with Grubberfly’s 
elegy, the amount of Soul you get when getting hit increases ftom 15% to 26%. That 
means that when we get hit two times, we get 52% Soul! This is where Deep Focus comes 
in. It uses 33% of Soul (because that is how much Soul focusing takes), and heals both 
the masks at once. This means that we did not only remain on our current health, but 
we also got 19% spare Soul. The upside of this method is it does not require waiting 
as long as Hiveblood to regenerate, and also gives more spare Soul. However, the 
downside is its very expensive charm notch cost 8 notches (Deep focus-4, Grubsong-1, 
Grubberfly’s elegy-3). Though, I myself have utilised this charm combo only in passing 
through White palace, which is pretty late-game, so i already had enough charm notches.

-=Where to get the needed charms=-
Deep focus: Behind a breakable wall on the left side of Crystal Peak, requires Crystal heart.
Grubsong: Reward from Grubfather for saving 10 grubs.
Grubberfly’s elegy: Reward from Grubfather for saving all 46 grubs.

As I look at it, I realise that this combination is for most players accessible only late 
midgame/early engame, as saving all the grubs requires stuff such as Monarch wings, Isma’s 
Tear, Crystal heart and similarly. Because of this, i find it good utilising only in White 
palace, which is an endgame area.

-=The end=-
Thank you for reading this guide! I hope it helped you on your journey through this great game!

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