Hoyle Casino 2003 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hoyle Casino 2003 
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 Hoyle Casino 2003 Cheats

Hoyle Casino 2003

Guaranteed Advance:
Submitted by: David K

If you are playing in a Poker Tournament and you are in the first or 
second round, and you have a good money lead, fold no matter what you
have. That way, you lose no money and you are guaranteed to advance. 

Slot machine jackpot:
Go to the slot machines. Click on "Multiple Line" then go to "Margarita 5". 
Play the $ 1000 machine. .Before you play, click on "Options" go up to and 
select "Environment", then choose "Speed". 

Move the bar all the way to "Fast". Then, click on "Apply", then "OK". 
Go back to play the game and press P. It will take a couple spins, but you 
will win the jackpot. Repeat this to add to your winnings. 

Note: The game will reset your character when you get a $1 billion.

Maximum possible money hack:
Submitted by: Steve Sybesma

Edit "user0.log" (or whatever user#.log you use) with hex editor.

Between 0x380 and 0x384 replace hexidecimals with FF C9 9A 3B 63.

That gives you $999,999,999.99 which is the maximum possible in that game 
before it hits $1 billion and resets you to $5,000.

Once that's done and before you start playing again, copy that file into 
the same folder.

Windows will name it "Copy of user0.log"

Create batch file called "LOSE.bat" to be used either when you lose or go 
over $1 billion and get reset.

In the batch file add these three lines:

DEL user0.log
REN "Copy of user0.log" user0.log
COPY user0.log "Copy of user0.log"

Note: From this point on, whenever you lose or get reset, you run "LOSE.bat" 
and you're back in business.

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