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  Hints and Tips for: Hyperspeed 
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 Hyperspeed Cheats


Cheat Codes:
To get on the Hyades cluster, make a treaty with the Fel 
by visiting them regularly. 
Make a treaty with the Cisisbeo by telling them about Fel 
leaving and wiping out another race. 
To destroy the Lutins use the blaster turret against their 
fighters and then use kamikazes and fighters to take out their
star base.  When you meet Stentors use fighters to wipe out 
their red ships.
With the Didnium send a guided missile to distract their 
lasers and then attack quickly with kamikazes.  
When you fight Broodmasters use a fighter to knock out their 
laser turret and then use a mix of kamikazes and main guns
to take out their fighters.  Don't exort goods from the 
Broodmasters as they give you a spindrive-activated bomb which 
cannot be removed.
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