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  Hints and Tips for: Icebreaker  
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 Icebreaker Cheats


In he Following are some hints to help you deal with the bizarre 
behavior of the nasty pyramids and the deadly terrain you must 

Stationary pyramids come in a rainbow of colors; while they may be immobile,
they must not be taken lightly -- as they are tragically deadly

Frozen Solid; these pyramids must be crashed into to be eliminated

Extremely hot; run into them and you're a goner; however, you can blow them
away with your plasma gun

Very resistant; impervious to crashing through and plasma retardant; the only
way to eliminate Greens is to lead Seekers(see below) into them

These phlegmatic pyramids are harmless and just keep taking up space...until
you shoot them; BEWARE--PURPLE pyramids then morph into a gigantic pit which
is easy to fall into, if you're not careful

Sturdier than organic pyramids, concrete pyramids take LOTS of shots before
they vaporize
Colorful to the eye and perfectly harmless until rammed or shot, then they
turn into a BLUE, RED, GREEN or PURPLE pyramid; Watch Out! They might even
turn into a Seeker(see below)

The Seekers mission is to hunt you down and destroy you, but if you keep your
wits, they can be tricked and you will prevail.

dumb as a box of rocks; they move directly toward you, but they can not figure
out how to move around obstacles; it's fun to trick them into falling into a

hazardous to your health; cyanides are like Yellers with a higher I.Q.; they
still fall into pits and lava, but they're bright enough to move around other

their pretty color is deceptive; pinkos know enough to avoid pits and other
dangerous terrain, but they are still stumped by rocks and other stationary

smart and very persistent; they move around both hazardous terrain and
pyramids; they will hunt you down without a moment's rest until they--or
you--are vanquished

Chameleons sit immobile, and just like the lizard, imitate Greens until you
get close; they leap out, turn Lime-Green, and hunt you down

the killer "cheetahs" are capable of amazing bursts of speed; however, Lurkers
have little endurance and must rest after each sprint

these greyish pyramids rise from the deep, dark depths of swamps; while they
are very slow, they're also very determined -- you can't stop them with one

the largest known species of pyramid is the Orange Meany; slow but very smart,
the Orange Meany, when shot splits into two pyramids known as Nasties; Nasties
are faster and dumber than their parent

divide when shot; their spawn are known as "Grumpies"

faster than Nasties but dumber; when you shoot a Grumpy, it's dead


this is usually green; Seekers skitter over this stuff without any trouble

this is just like grass, but kind of brownish color

pits are fatal; you fall into them and plummet to the center of the Earth

wander into a slime tile and see what you get -- a sloppy death

you skid a lot when you wander around on ice; the faster you are moving, the
farther you skid

everyone moves slower in swamps, except the ZOMBIES -- they move faster

this is just like a pit but much, much hotter

this is a big rock -- that inevitably gets in you way

Crazy New Look for Limeys:
Play Level 61 ['X Marks the Spot']. This level is basically a single rainbow pyramid 
in the center of the landscape. You must shoot the pyramid. If it doesn't come up 
purple, kill yourself and try again. Eventually, you'll get a new pit in the center 
of the X. Next, fall into that pit. Then go to the level grid and choose a level with 
limeys. From then on, until the next reboot, the limeys will have a very crazy new look.

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