Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb 
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 Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Cheats

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Peter Řlsted

Find the "default.cfg" file. Go to GameData/indy/default.cfg and edit
it using notepad. (Be sure to back it up first). 

Change the file to read as follows: 


Save the file and run the game. 

You will now have access to the builtin cheat mode with the following cheats: 

Unlimited Health 
Unlimited Oxigen 
God Mode 
Unlimited Ammo

Submitted by: Alvaro López

When you edit the file "default.cfg" to activate the cheat mode, try cheats:3
and Indy will carry a new weapon, a sort of bazooka. 
And will carry it even in the Love Epiloge Scene.

Disable AI:
Use a text editor to edit the "vars.cfg" file in the "\lucasarts\indiana jones
and the emperor's tomb" folder. Locate the "aiDisabled" line and change it to

Art gallery:
Collect all artifacts in the game to unlock an art gallery.

Submitted by: Raunak Saha

Go to the Game Data folder, open the the indy folder. Find the "vars.cfg" file.
Open it and you will find DeathTime = 1.000000. 
Change it to 9999999999999999999999999999999.0000.

Bonus levels:
Enter the game director and enter the folder that contains its levels. Run the 
"ropetest" and "whipgym" files to play those levels, which are not found in 
other versions of the game. 

Secret area:
On the first level when you first encounter crocodiles, kill all of them with 
your machete. Then, swim to the left next to the entrance to the temple. Swim 
behind the waterfall to pull up on a small ledge. You will not be able to see 
much, there is a box here. Break it open to get a bundle of dynamite.

Console commands:
There apparently is a console that can be unlocked in the game to activate 
additional cheats. LucasArts has included the following text in their readme.txt 
file: "The Emperor's Tomb console commands are primarily used for development, 
testing, and product support purposes. Users unfamiliar with these console 
commands should not attempt to use them, as their use may result in game crashes, 
corrupted graphics, and/or a variety of other issues. Console commands and errors 
resulting from the use of console commands and/or cheats are unsupported."

Albino Croc:
Instead of using Indy for live bait, you can lower the gate and wait a while. 
Eventually, the croc will come to the gate. Open the gate and then wait for the 
croc to come inside, then lock him in.

Get ALL Weapons!
Using wordpad or notepad edit the file (use open then use open with) Default.ctr 
located in Indy , Gamedata then write this somewhere in the file:
SAVE your work!
start the game up and notice the title Gallery in the menu.
continue on with your game and notice all the weapons on Indy's back!... 
including a new PAZERSHREK!

Cheat mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "default.cfg" file in the ...\gamedata\indy" folder.
Add the following line to the existing content of the file: 

This unlocks unlimited air when swimming, unlimited ammunition, and unlimited 
health. These options do no seem to be individually selectable.

To unlock more cheat effects, add the following lines to the file. You will get 
a few more weapons including a Panzerschreck, Luger, Mauser, spear gun, crossbow,
Tommy gun, MP-40 SMG and the art galley. 


To get just a Panzerschreck weapon, add the following line to the file:

To get all weapons, but not the art gallery, add the following line to the file: 

To get the Pa Cheng (throwable weapon) at the beginning of the game, add the 
following line to the file:

To be invincible and have all weapons, add the following lines to the file:

To continue from the beginning of the level after Indy dies, without the whole
reload process, add the following line to the file: 

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