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  Hints and Tips for: Injustice - Gods Among Us 
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 Injustice - Gods Among Us Cheats

Injustice - Gods Among Us

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Original Doomsday costume:
Select the Fortress Of Solitude arena and two characters playing as Doomsday, 
making sure one person wears the Insurgency costume and the other wears the 
default costume. The Doomsday appearing at the back of the level will now be
wearing the costume from Death Of Superman.

DC Universe character cameos:
The following is a list of the non-playable DC Universe characters that make 
an appearance in the game:

Abin Sur (Green Lanter victory pose) 
Athena (Themyscira stage) 
Atom Smasher (Hall Of Justice stage) 
Atrocitus (Metropolis stage) 
Ch'p (Green Lanter victory pose) 
Darkseid (Hall Of Justice stage) 
Deadshot (Stryker's Island stage) 
Giganta (Hall Of Justice stage) 
Gorilla Grodd (Stryker's Island stage) 
Guy Gardner (Green Lanter victory pose) 
Hammeroon (Green Lanter victory pose) 
Hugo Strange (Arkham Asylum stage) 
John Stewart (Green Lanter victory pose) 
Katma Tui (Green Lanter victory pose) 
Killer Croc (Arkham Asylum stage) 
Kilowog (Metropolis stage) 
Martian Manhunter (Watchtower stage) 
Metallo (Stryker's Island stage) 
Parasite (Stryker's Island stage) 
Penguin (Arkham Asylum stage) 
Salaak (Green Lanter victory pose) 
Scarecrow (Arkham Asylum stage) 
Starro (Fortress Of Solitude stage) 
Stel (Green Lanter victory pose)
The Atom (Hall Of Justice stage) 
The Riddler (Arkham Asylum stage)
Tomar Re (Green Lanter victory pose)
Trigon (S.T.A.R. Labs opponent)
Two-Face (Arkham Asylum stage)

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