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  Hints and Tips for: Insaniquarium 
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 Insaniquarium Cheats


Submitted by: RM

Sandbox effects (free play online version): 
Press one of the following keys to activate the cheat function.

Result                         Key
Free new baby guppy          - 1 
Free carnivore               - 2 
Free starcatcher             - 3 
Guppy with star potion in it - 4 
Restart level                - R 
One eyed alien invades tank  - Z 
Lion-like alien invades tank - X 
Clear saved game             - C 
Robot invades tank           - V 
Fat alien invades tank       - N 
Return to main menu and save - I 

Sandbox effects (v1.10):
For v1.10, at the main menu you have to have the silver trophy to access
the sandbox level. Once you have the silver trophy go to the sandbox 
level by pressing [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right]
B A. Once in the sandbox stage you can press the following keys to make
things happen (they are free):

Result           Key
Regular guppy  - 1 
Carnivore      - 2 
Star Guppy     - 3 
Star Catcher   - 4 
Guppy muncher  - 5 
Beetle Muncher - 6 
Breeder        - 7 
Ultravore      - 8 
Brinkley       - A 
Seymour        - a 
Cylops         - B 
Type U         - b 
Gus            - C 
Type G         - c 
Walter         - D 
Gumbo          - d 
Itchy          - e 
Stanley        - F 
Blip           - f 
Rhubarb        - g 
Nimbus         - h 
Rufus          - i 
Amp            - j 
Gash           - k 
Angie          - l 
Bilaterus      - M 
Type II        - m 
PshycoSquid    - N 
Type P         - n 
Meryl          - o 
Wadsworth      - p 
Stinky         - q 
Prego          - r 
Nostrodamus    - S 
Shrapnel       - s 
Zorf           - t 
Vert           - u 
The robot thing- V 
Type D         - v 
Niko           - W 
Balrog         - X 
Type Lion      - x 
Clyde          - y 
Sylvester      - Z 
Type Blue      - z 
Presto         - ;

Christmas fish:
Buy a regular guppy from the store, then name it SANTA. It will turn red and
white, and Christmas music will play.

Eleven pets in Virtual Tank:
Enter Sandbox mode. After you exit the Sandbox, you can display eleven pets
in your Virtual Tank.

Level 2-3: Defeating the new monster: 
In level 2-3, the way to defeat the new monster is to feed it. A Star Potion
will help make it weaker. You can feed it with fish food. The higher quality
of the food, the faster it will be killed.

Alien Signature Type-D:
If you encounter Alien Signature Type-D, once you destroy it click on the 
torpedoes that are still flying. Your fish will not die. 

Stars are not the only things that Brinkley throws. He will throw money in 
any form, including treasure chests. Note: The more valuable the item, the 
rarer. Also, he will not throw coins or beetles.

Four Active Pets:
You can buy this upgrade for 40,000 shells, but it is only available after 
buying all four bonus pets. This upgrade allows you to bring up to four pets
in a tank instead of three. 

Multiple Nostradamus fish:
Get Nostradamus. Go to Adventure mode and let your fish turn green. When he 
drops snot the hungry fish will become Nostradamus. If you keep doing it you
will have tank full of them. 

7 Active Pets (Virtual Tank Only): 
This upgrade is not really very helpful, but it is fun having seven pets in 
your virtual tank. Buy this upgrade after buying the Four Active Pets upgrade
for 45,000 shells.

Free Ultravore in Virtual Tank:
To get a free Ultravore, buy an Alien Attractor. When Alien type U (Rock Giant)
appears, press "Feed" button and click the Ultravore. This also works with other
Aliens. For example, The Fat Guy can be fed pizza and chicken.

Easy coins:
Work your way up the food chain as fast as possible. First, feed about three 
guppies until you get enough money for a carnivore. Buy a carnivore and feed 
it guppies until you get enough money for another carnivore. Keep buying 
carnivores whenever the money is available and get maximum food upgrades 
sometime after you buy the first carnivore. You only need about Food x4 or x5.
There is no need to get all nine because you should be focused on getting 
creatures higher up on the food chain. Continue to buy carnivores whenever 
available. Eventually you should have about twenty carnivores and about ten to
thirty small guppies swimming around. By then the diamond drops will become 
overwhelming and you would have probably complete the level. You can get up 
to 20,000 coins by doing this in Time mode. That is 1,000 shells every five 
minutes. Just do not focus on guppies; focus on the larger fish.

Submitted by: vedant

if you have walter,amp n angie and want to earn money.
buy many guppies . hit amp with walter then give a shock.angie will make them 
alive. again hit amp with walter and give a shock until you have the money 
you wanted

Submitted by: jolo

before you start a game get presto,angie and amp once amp tells you that he 
can electrocute your gupies keep buying more guppies and then click amp 3 
times and all your guppies will become a diamond and angie and presto will
revive your guppies but not all but the cool thing is you got more money 
trust me

Easy Time Trial mode:
Farther in the game you will unlock Amp the electric eel. In Time Trial you 
have five minutes to get the most money possible. Spend the entire 4:50 seconds
earning fish. They do not need to be grown. Make sure Amp is almost ready to 
shock the tank. When close to the end, activate Amp's power and he will shock
the tank. After that, every fish will be a dead, but will have dropped a 
diamond. Collect as many diamonds as possible. Every diamond you collect earns
10 shells at the end.

Recommended pets:
The best pets to bring with you on the levels are as follows.

-Meryl, the whale, and Prego. 
-Meryl, the crab, and the pearl person. 
-Meryl, Prego, and Zorf (if you are unskilled) 
-Itchy, the crab, and the whale (this is the attack and defense team)
-The Skeleton Fish, Meryl, and Prego (one of the best teams)

More Shells:
Submitted by: Kyla

NOTE: This involves editing a game file.

1. Open the game and create an account named TEST. (if you have more than 2 accounts now, 
take note of the order they're in and choose an account which you want to copy the shells 
from (works best if its a high amount of shells)) then minimize the game.

2. Enter the userdata folder usually located at 'C:\Program Files\PopCap Games\Insaniquarium 
Deluxe', right click and arrange them by name, then drag user1.dat and sim1.dat into the 
middle of the folder (if you have more than 2 accounts then refer to your notes and count 
down from the top of the list which one your shells are on, then drag that one into the middle. 
Eg. if it is 3rd on the list, it should be user3.dat and sim3.dat.

3. Go back into your game and go into TEST. Go into the virtual tank and then leave. Minimize 
the game. (doing so will make the user files appear)

4. Go back into userdata folder, and there should be two new files named user2.dat and 
sim2.dat (more than two accounts; it should be named the next number on the list. Eg. if 
there are 6 users in the list (TEST being the last) then it should be user6.dat and sim6.dat. 
(They could be where the two other files were) 

5. Once you find them, delete them. Then copy the two files you moved into the middle of 
the folder and paste them on your desktop. Rename them to what the two new files were. Eg 
If you delete the files user6.dat and sim6.dat and the account with the shells on them is 
user4.dat and sim4.dat (which you should have copied and pasted on the desktop) should be 
renamed as user6.dat and sim6.dat. (MAKE SURE YOU ONLY DO THIS TWO THE FILES ON THE DESKTOP).

6. Now drag those two files back into the folder. It should look like you never even deleted 

7. Go back into the game and change out of TEST, then go back into it and it should have 
the same amount of shells as the account you copied. You can now move these to that account 
(type 'give', enter the amount of shells there are, and click on the user to transfer)

If you want more shells than that, just repeat these steps. They're quite easy once you get 
the hang of it and are easy to remember. XD

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