International Cricket Captain 2002 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: International Cricket Captain 2002 
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 International Cricket Captain 2002 Cheats

International Cricket Captain 2002

Submitted by: conner54

Recommended player:
Choose Sachin Tendulkar at the end of the season when you can 
select an overseas player. 

Rawit Khan (Derbshire ) 
Owais Shah 
Christopher Bassono (Derbshire) 
Kevin Pricheist (Warwakshire) 
Micheal Vaughn 
Steve Murphey 

Aggression levels:
Having one player on full aggression and one player on half or below 
will not work, as they will be run out. You must have the fully aggressive 
batsman's partner almost on full aggression as well for a partnership with 
good communication.

Choosing players at the end of a season:
Do not be afraid to pick good players at the end of a season. Depth in a 
squad will keep you at full strength when a top players are injured or are 
on international duty.

Easy win:
If you are playing a one day game and batting first, play with slow aggression 
and play the whole 50 overs. When you finished the overs, do not click on 
"Continue". Save the game and exit then load that saved game. Then once again 
save and exit and load the game. You can then score more runs and can play more 
overs until you get out. Do not try to get more than 1050 runs, as the game will 
crash. If you reach a score of 300 with five or more wkt remaining, try to play 
aggressive in case you do not get 1050 or more. When you are all out, you only 
have to ball 50 overs and you can win. Note: This only works with one day and 
batting first. Also, load the same file that you are playing the series on; and 
when against a good team try getting 145 to 150 in first 50 with just losing 
one to four wkts.

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