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  Hints and Tips for: Jane's USAF 2003 
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 Jane's USAF 2003 Cheats

Jane's USAF 2003

Submitted by: ADN

Medal Cheat:
Backup file before changing anything. 
Go to the /.../resource/mission folder in your Jane's USAF 2003 directory. Open the admin.
ini file and locate the [medal] section. Delete the sections between Record00 and Record12 
and put the following in that deleted space: 
Record00=AF Commendation Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\commendation medal.bmp 
Record01=Air Force Achievement Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\achievement
Record02=Air Force Cross|\Menu\DME\Medals\Air_Force_Cross.bmp
Record03=Air Force Good Conduct Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\good conduct medal.bmp 
Record04=Air Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\air medal.bmp 
Record05=Airman's Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\airman's medal.bmp 
Record06=Distinguished Flying Cross|\Menu\DME\Medals\distinguished
flying cross medal.bmp
Record07=Grand Canyon Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\Grand Canyon Medal.bmp 
Record08=Kuwait Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\kuwait medal.bmp 
Record09=Medal of Honor|\Menu\DME\Medals\medal of honor.bmp 
Record10=Operation Grey Fox Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\Germany Medal.bmp 
Record11=Silver Star|\Menu\DME\Medals\silver star medal.bmp 
Record12=Vietnam Service Medal|\Menu\DME\Medals\vietnam service medal.bmp

Now select any mission file (it should be a mission in the game - preferably the easy 
training missions). Go to the [missionside] section. Find a record as the following at 
the bottom of this section: 

Record00=Blue|Player|\Brief\Training\WSBrief2.htm|...............The colomn after the 
mentioning of the .htm file usualy is [None]. Put any medal name as it is from the 
perviously edited admin file medal section. For example, if you want the AF cross put 
in Air Force Cross. Now put 100 to the next column and place any greating text messege 
for the next [None] column. Now it should look like the following: 

Record00=Blue|Player|\Brief\Training\WSBrief2.htm|Air Force
Cross|100|well done|....
You should change only these 3 columns to your preferences to avoid any unwarranted 
changes. When you finish the selected mission and if you score a 100 points, you will 
get the medal you placed in the aforementioned area. You may like wise select any ohter 
missions and do this to get all the 13 medals. 
Rank Gain
Backup before doing any changes.

Open the /.../resource/missions folder in your Jane's USAF 2003 game directory. Open the 
admini.ini file and look for the section [RankEnum]. Change the records as follows: 


It's suggested that you change your rank gain value to 1000 as shown above. Change all 
the other rank scores with a value of 1000 -- in order to be captain you must get a total 
score of 2000 for example. If you do this properly at the end of the all training missions 
you should become a general. 
Red Flag
Backup before making any changes.

Create a pilot and remember the name and the callsign. Now quit the game and go to 
the /.../resource/missions directory in your Jane's USAF 2003 folder. Open the simulation.ini 
file and locate the [playerdata] section. Find the rank of your pilot in the record and 
change it to Lt so it should be look like this: 


Now you can play red flag missions with out ever getting the necessary rank.

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