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  Hints and Tips for: Jardinains! 
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 Jardinains! Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

To enter cheat codes, pause the game (P) and press the backtick (`)
key, and enter one of the following codes (followed by RETURN):

Code                                      Result
'gomomgo'                               - extra 30 lives
'upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart' - instant Brickplow Boomers 
                                          (powerful balls, indeed)
'they're everywhere'                    - Many, many nains
'20 goto ##'                            - skip to level ## (where ## is a number)

To find and change a player's password:
Submitted by: Venkatesh

To find the password of the player, go to the folder 
(C:\Program Files\Jardinains!\data\players) and by using a text editor open 
(Eg:Notepad) the players file.The name and passwords of the players will be 
displayed there.You can change the passwords of the other players without 
their knowledge.

Submitted BY: 

This is a useful Cheat to get to last levels without playing any of the first
first make a backup of the game then go to (Jardinains!\DATA\LEVELS\CURRENT) 
Here you will find the level files.

Now rename LEVEL_1.LVL to LEVEL_51.LVL and LEVEL_51.LVL to LEVEL_1.LVL
Start the game then we will start with the last level(i.e level 51)
You can do this with all the levels by changing their name with each other.

If you want to edit any level then:
Submitted by: PAhul Singh

1.Open the game.
2.In the menu (continue game, new game, options....etc), press "E".
3.You will enter the edit mode.

Submitted by: MissStevieLeigh

Instead of putting 'upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart' put 'uuddlrlrba' to use 
this cheat click p then ` and type uuddlrlrba then enter and you will have a yellow
ball (blue ball mixted with the red ball).

Playing Continue Game After Losing:
Submitted by: Giri-The Don

Play the game and if you find that a level is difficult to complete,then follow me.
Exit the game while 'continue game' option comes.Now copy the game folder to any 
location and play the game.If you lose,then replace the folder with the first jardinain 
folder and play the game.The continue game option again comes and starts from where you 
have stopped.

Submitted by: ayush kumar patwari

Press(p)and then(`)and type (gomomgo) for extra 30 lives.

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