Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 
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 Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cheats

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Mega-Fred

During gameplay, type in these 
codes (single player game only):

Code        Result
jjgod     - God mode
jjinv     - God mode
jjguns    - All weapons
jjammo    - All ammo
jjrush    - Sugar rush
jjfly     - Helicopter ears, type again for hoverboard
jjnowall  - You can go across the walls 
            (but only if you can fly, so activate the jjfly cheat)
jjk       - Self destruct
jjshield  - Power shield
jjnext    - Level skip
jjlight   - Fully light level
jjbird    - Bird assistance
jjcoins   - Get coins
jjgems    - Get gems
jjending  - Return to main menu
jjq       - Quit to desktop

jjpower   - Power-ups
jjnowall  - Pass through obstacles
jjfire    - Enable several times for autofire
jjcolor   - 16 color mode
jj<2 - 9> - Make Jazz or Spaz laugh
jjd       - Suicide
jjcpu     - Change controls
jjt       - Talk
jjmorph   - Change into Spaz, type again to become Bird, type again to 
            become Frog, type a fourth time to change back to Jazz

Unlimited gems:
Go to the Carrot Juice level in the Formerly A Prince chapter. When you get to that
level, go halfway through until you get to the first hidden Giant Red Gem. Smash it
by shooting it with any gun, then go all the way to the right, where the bouncy 
thing is located. Do not go on it, or you will go up through the rocks and have to
do it again. Keep going right until you hit the wall, then run all the way to the 
left, where you first dropped down to get to the Giant Red Gem. It will be there 
again, and you can shoot it to get more gems. Go all the way to the right, then 
all the way to the left again. It should appear again. Repeat this to get as many
gems as needed.

Get two birds:
Get a bird with the jjbird code or from a cage. Have it kill any enemy in any level
Then, enter jjbird as a code for it to go away. When it leaves the screen, switch 
to any other weapon and shoot at anything on the screen. Then, enter the jjbird 
code again. One bird will appear from one side, then two or three seconds later, 
the original bird will return. You might not be able see it. However, if you look
closely you can see two birds' wings flapping. This may require some practice. 
You will have to do this every time you want two birds.

New move:
When playing as Space, hold [Down] and press [Jump].

Secondary uses for weapons:
Though the weapons in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 are useful for the obvious, some weapons 
can be used in other ways. If there is a stash of goodies floating in midair out 
of your reach, use the bouncer to reach them. It has a very long range, so 
knocking down goodies is easy. The freezer can be used to freeze springs and 
boxes. Frozen boxes will continue moving even after you stop pushing them, and
frozen springs will not work, allowing you to enter some areas. The dynamite 
can be used to destroy buttstomp blocks, which is helpful when certain areas 
are normally blocked off to one of the characters. The fire gun (not the 
flamethrower) can go through walls, allowing you to destroy enemies in relative

Birds Galore:
To recieve multiple birds at the same time in a level: At the BEGINNING of the level,
face the opposite direction from which you go (a.k.a wall). Type "jjbird" (as in the 
cheat) multiple times in a row. Every time the bird leaves and comes back, it will 
bring the previous ones along with it. So, if you type ''jjbird'' 50 times, you 
would have 25 birds following you. 
Note: If you get hurt once, all the birds leave.

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