Jet Moto Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Jet Moto 
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 Jet Moto Cheats

Jet Moto

Cheat Codes:
Codes may be accessed after all tracks have been unlocked by winning
a Full Season at Professional level. 

Code             Result
CONTORTIONIST  - Super Agility
2XSTUNTS       - Double Stunt Points
ZIPPYNODRAG    - Zero Resistance
SCREECHNOW     - Air Brakes
YAHOOLOOKIE    - Show Off Camera
ZOWIEZOOM      - Unlimited Turbos
SWOOSHSKATE    - Ice Racing
BRAINIACPLUS   - Inverted Camera

Just type these codes in at the title screen after codes are enabled. 
To enable codes you must:

1.Place first on the full ciciut on Intermediate. This will allow you to
  access 4 new tracks.
2.Place first on the full circuit again this time on Professional.
  This will enable 2 more tacks.
3.Place first on the full circuit again on Professional.
  This will enable the final track.
4.Place first on the full circuit again on Professional

Now when you go back to the title screen, the rider in the middle should
have a cartoon bubble near her that says "Codes Enabled" Now you can use
the codes.

Cliff Dive:
Go to Cliff Diver Track. Near the end of the track there is a tall island
with a tree on it. Ride up to the tree and turbo off the island. If your 
timing is good you'll be able to do between 4 and 8 flips!

Cypress Run Shortcut:
Go the left of the house at the beginning of the race and go around the
outside of the grass and you can cut off about 45 seconds or 15 seconds
a lap.

Blackwater Shortcut:
You can cut about 10 seconds off your lap time by driving into the doors
of the Plantation House.
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