John Deere - Drive Green Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: John Deere - Drive Green 
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 John Deere - Drive Green Cheats

John Deere - Drive Green

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: SIPPY GREWAL

-=Unlock Jobs=-
STEP 1: Go to my documents
STEP 2: Now open the folder "Drive Green"
STEP 3: Now open the folder "Profile01" in (NOTEPAD)
STEP 4: Now change line given below:





The Fossils:
Submitted by: RM

-=At the Home Farm scene=-

1.In the Bean Field - as you enter go 2 rows to the right of the sign - go straight
  back this row.
2.In the Corn Filed - as you enter - go to the far left side of field - there are 3
  pine trees in a row - turn right, see 3 more pine trees in the distance. Go toward
3.In the Wheat Field - almost in direct center of field.
4.In Hay Field - as you enter - go to far end of field toward pine trees - in center
  of field not far from trees.
  5 & 6. At Lake - as you enter - turn right - follow shore line almost to end of lake
  (5).Continue around lake to path of water plants leading out into lake - follow this
  path to island (6).
7.Grass field behind barn -  as you enter, go toward entrance to soccer field - next
  to large tree.

-=Job scenes=-

8 - 22. There is one in each of the 15 Job scenes. As you work on that job, each will

Back at the Home Farm, turn right at the red shed. Follow this dirt road to the end. This
runs past the corn and hay fields on the left, (dont turn left between the 2 fields)
soccer and wheat fields on the right. The road will turn left at the white fence. Follow
this road to where the white fence ends on the right. Make a u turn to the right so the
white fence is now on the right. Follow this fence. It will become a wire fence. Continue
to follow this keeping it in site to your right. You will find another. (23) Get back on
the path you were following at the end of the white fence. Follow the path to the back
side of the lake. There will be one (24) on the right on the side hill. Further up on top
of the same hill is another one. (25)

-=Back Woods scene=-

You must purchase the Gator Utility Vehicle to enter the Back Woods scene. 

At Home farm scene, follow dirt road between the bean field and corn field. It turns left
past the bean field. As you cross the bridge and enter back woods - turn right and follow
the stream. One on the stream bank. (26) Come back to bridge. Cross the path. Follow the
wire fence for a distance, keeping the fence visible to your left. You will see one to
your right. (27) Come back to the bridge, continue following the path. There will be one
on the path. (28) You will come to another (less worn) path. Take this, there will be one
visible on the right (29) Continue to follow this to the end at a pond. There is another
(30) up on the bank of this pond.

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