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  Hints and Tips for: Jolly Rover 
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 Jolly Rover Cheats

Jolly Rover

Steam Achievements:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement           Description	
Adventure Gamer     - Completed game without hints
Ballooning          - Escape in a hot air balloon
Captain Rover       - Sailed to Shipwreck Island
Clown Pirate        - Defeated desilver
Coin Collector      - Found all pieces of eight
Cracker Packer      - Found all crackers
Dashing Escape      - Escaped howell's ship
Flag Waver          - Found all pirate flags
Invented Trampoline - Invented the trampoline
Masquerade          - Infiltrated pirate stockade
Maximum Score       - Earned maximum score
Skull Cracker       - 3x coconut knock-out
Treasure!           - Found silvereye's treasure
Turtle Steed        - Rode a sea turtle
Yo Ho Ho            - Joined a pirate crew
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