Kivi's Underworld Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Kivi's Underworld 
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 Kivi's Underworld Cheats

Kivi's Underworld

Cheat Codes:
Press ~, then enter one of the following codes.

Code          Effect
developer 1 - Edit maps option at main menu.

Secret Areas:
* Look for things in common between secret entrances in each chapter, this 
  helps in finding the other secret entrances in the same chapter.

* If you see a wall wich you can see trough. Most of the time there a secret
  room or path. 

Finding items:
Open every crate and chest. Pick up keys and you can find new characters and 
or treasure.

Submitted by: RM

* Always have something to heal you and never go in a corner or stay in one 
  spot to long or u are dead meet.

* Not really a tip or trick but if you upgrade your damage your sword will 
  become cooler and bigger.

* You can mix your powers to go trough the level. Like use critical strike and
  rage to attack.

* You can use the traps to kill enemys. Sure you got damage too but the enemys 
  suffer more damage then you.
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