Lego Worlds Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Lego Worlds 
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 Lego Worlds Cheats

Lego Worlds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter one of the following codes after completing the three starter worlds to 
activate the corresponding cheat function:

Code          Result
BR1CK5      – Unlock All Bricks.
XP3BN2      – Lance’s Twin Jouster.
P42FJ6      – City Police Car.
BG7DWK      – City Crook ATV.
LY9C8M      - Lock And Roller from Nexo Knights.
U98BR2      - Pizza Van from Lego City.
F1XTRS      - Unlock all doors and windows.

How To Export Your Lego Landscape Models:
After you’ve selected a Landscape Model (any design you made with Lego 
bricks in-game) with the Export Tool option, you can save it for later.
First, here’s how to save and export a Landscape Model.

1.Click on the square model-selection tool after capturing your model to 
  go to the Model Editor Screen.
2.The Box Selection tool lets you adjust your selection by shrinking or 
  expanding the size of the box.
  Export Tool Controls: To drag the selection box [Left Click (hold)], 
  release to drag height, and to set the box [Left Click].
3.You can then Select or Deselect individual bricks until your selection 
  is perfect.
4.Finally, click this tool to determine how you want your model’s icon 
  to look. Rotate your model until you have the angle you want, and then 
  click again to complete the export.

Tip: Once exported, your model will also be available in your Landscape 
Models list! Second, here’s how to view a Landscape Model outside of the game.

1.You can also open your models with LEGO Digital Designer!
2.Look for your models in this location on your computer:

Tip: You may see some issues when you load your model into LEGO Digital
Designer, so we suggest that you back up any model you intend to edit, just 
in case something goes wrong!

Tips and Tricks:
Here are some quick tips and tricks from the tutorial section of the game.

-=Basic Keyboard Controls=-
* Move [W/A/S/D] or [Left Click (hold)]
* Rotate Camera [Right Click (hold)]
* Jump [SPACE] or [Right Click (tap)]
* Action [F] or [Left Click (tap)]
* Ability / Interact [E]
* Re-center Camera [R]

-=Basic Xbox Controller Controls=-
* Snap to Menus [Back]
* Move Character [Left Control Stick]
* Rotate Camera [Right Control Stick]
* Jump [A] or [Tap A twice to Double Jump]
* Enter/Exit Vehicle and Climb On/Off Rideable Creatures [Y]
* Attack/Throw Item [X]
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