Leisure Suit Larry Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Leisure Suit Larry 
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 Leisure Suit Larry Cheats

Leisure Suit Larry

Skip quiz questions:
Press [Ctrl] + X or [Alt] + X (early game versions) or 
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + X (newer versions) at the first question. 

View version number:
Press [Alt] + V. 

Debug mode:
Press [Alt] + D during game play. Press [Enter] at the windows 
that appear, then enter one of the following debug commands at 
the prompt. Alternatively, enter 0724 when prompted for a 
phone number at the start of the game. Then, type help me 
during game play to display the debug screen. 

Effect                      Debug command  
All items                 - gimmie gimmie  
View inventory item       - object   
Display coordinates and 
room number room          - number  
Display flag status       - show flag or view flag  
Display memory allocation - [Alt] + M  
Display variable value    - show var  or sv 
Get item                  - get item   
Find item                 -  room  
Reset flag                - reset flag  
Set flag                  - set flag or sf  
Set variable              - change var  or set var 
Show boundaries           - priority or [Alt] + V  
Item information          - sp or [Alt] + I  
Teleport to new room      - tp 

Skip introduction:
To skip the part where you find the girl phone number in the photo
at the beginning of the game, type 0742. This will skip to the game
without the introduction.

Skip two mountains:
After you have finished dressing up like a woman and have got past the
KGB agents on the beach, you will get to the mountains. Do not move 
when you get to the scene. Instead, press [Up] and you will be able 
to skip two mountains instantly.
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