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  Hints and Tips for: Loki 
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 Loki Cheats


Easy skill points:
Submitted by: RM

Make a backup your character's folder. Run the game and offer all your magical 
items to your god. Then choose "Save and Exit". Press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch 
out of the game and copy "Inventory_Item.xmd" from your backup folder to its 
original location. After you return to the game, load your character. You will
have all your inventory back as well as faith points. This does not work with 

Easy experience:
Press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch out of the game. Copy the "GameState.xmd" file 
from your character's folder to a backup folder. Press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch 
back and continue your game. Once you have completed a few quests that gain 
enought experience points to go up a few levels, save the game. Press [Alt] + [Tab]
to switch out and copy the "GameState.xmd" file from your backup folder to your 
character's folder. Return to the game, load your character and select "Continue". 
When the game loads you will receive the experience point difference again, while 
keeping what you gained before the cheat was done. 
For example, if you had 500 experience points when you backed up "GameState.xmd" 
and had 1,500 experience points when you placed it back in your characters folder,
each time you do the trick you will get 1000 experience points without losing your
previous experience.

Double gold and inventory:
Copy your character's folder and place it in a backup folder. 
Copy the "Inventory_Item.xmd" file from your character's folder and place it in 
a backup folder. Rename it "Inventory_Quest_Easy_Solo.xmd". 
Run the game. 
Press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch out of the game. 
Copy the "Inventory_Quest_Easy_Solo.xmd" file from your backup folder to your 
character's folder. 
Return to the game. 
Load your character. 
Selecting "Continue" or "Restart". You will start over with double of everything 
you had, including gold. Keep repeating this until satisfied. Use this together 
with the "Easy skill points" cheat to have an inventory full of items that give 
high faith points. Note: When the game starts taking long to load, replace both 
files with the ones you backed up then start the cheat again.

Duplicate gold:
This exploit lets you duplicate your gold. Go to the "Kiosk" tab in your 
inventory. In the box at the bottom, type a number equal to or higher than your 
current amount of gold and press [Enter]. You will see the box displaying the 
maximum amount of gold you have at the moment. Do not hit the "Drop" button 
just yet. Alter the number to a value higher than your current amount of gold. 
Do not enter too high a value or you will end up with a negative number. 
You can use a value up to 1,000,000,000 safely. After you have adjusted the 
number do not press [Enter]. Instead, press the "Drop" button. 
If done correctly you should have just dropped an amount of gold in the number
that was entered, which can now can be picked up.

All objects can be multiplied:
Before beginning game make copy save it is file. After loading, you will place 
entire inventory on the storage. From the storage throw everything to the earth 
in any village. Further you leave from the game and copy the copied files back 
in the place. Return to the game in the regime "to continue". 
Entire your inventory on the spot, and on the earth lies everything that you threw 
out. So it is possible to make to infinity.

Cheat the programing:
Submitted by: Mehrab Khan

At first load your player profile. Go to your god and open offer item menu. 
Donot give the items yet. Just choose one of your item and then close the menu. 
Then sell the item to any merchant and the return to your god and reopen the offering 
item menu. You will see that the item you choosed and sold is still there. Now offer 
it to your god. This way you will get both faith in your god and earn some good money.

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