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 Lords of the Realm 1 Cheats

Lords of the Realm 1

Cheat Codes:
You can get a huge amount of stone and wood by 
following the following steps: 
1. Build a castle with 1 ton stone and 1 ton wood 
   (or as less as possible)
2. When the castle is built, extend the castle design 
   to use 100 tons of stone & 100 tons of wood
3. As soon as you exit the castle design screen, demolish 
   the castle. You now have over 65000 tons of stone and 

To surrender a big castle
Let 1500 archers shoot at the archers in the castle. When 
they are put to death, press autocalc battle. The castle 
is yours.

400 farmers, 400 knights, 200 maceman
First, let the farmers slam shut the canal. Destroy the bridge. 
Destroy all cans with a knight, and defeat the other soldiers  
with your knights. Destroy the middle gate with your maceman, 
defeat the rest and take the flag.

To defend a castle
Put as many archers and crossbow-men into battle as you can and 
let the computer decide. If you don't have these men, then 
defend with knights and pike-men. 

Load the savegame into the hexeditor and change the offsets 
87.990, 87.991 and 87.992 to FF. Now you should have enough 

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