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  Hints and Tips for: Mabinogi 
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 Mabinogi Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Hard yet easy basic:
Ok have y'all been having trouble on the golem and metal skeletons. Well
first lure the golem into another room, then kill it. Last lure 1 at a 
time the metal skeletons into a room and ambush them like the golem.
Note: You lure by hitting them then running where you want them and there
follow you not focused on anything else you can also lure to let other 
people heal.

The Giant Black Wolves:
These are hard to me, but I found the easiest way to deal with them:

1.You get ready to use the smash skill.
2.You use it on it then just keep hitting it.
3.When its halfway down quickly get a bow and shoot from long range.
4.Finish it!
Note: It's better if you have 2 swords equipped.

Free elf and giant character cards:
1.Joined the giants and got a free giant assistant card. 
2.Then i went and de-joined them, and went to the elves, joined them,
  and got a free elf assistant character card. And the cool thing is,
  it doesnt delete your card if you de-side them!

Training the skill Critical Hit:
Critical Hit is a passive skill (as in it is always active and adds to other
skills) and it activates depending upon your critical percentage and the enemies
protection (protection lowers critical hit and you can find this out by: 
[your critical %] - [enemies protection x2]) so it can be a pain to train.

-=Here is a way to train it faster=-

Get the Taillteann Shadow mission "Provocation" on Basic difficulty.
You will then need two daggers (as they have very high critical) so that 
you have the best chance. Get two filler people (because the mission needs
three people to enter) then start the mission. Activate your auto attack by 
going to the Mabinogi start icon (the box with the game logo) in Options under
the Game tab, it should be at the bottom area and you turn it on that way.
Then attack a Barrier Spikes that are in the mission and because they have 
no defense and protection you will hit critical a lot also, auto attack will
keep hitting the spike so you can do something else.

Note: Even if the daggers durability becomes 0 you can still hit criticals 
and 0 stamina will not effect the critical, just the damage.

Tip: Windmill, Stomp, Thunder, Fireball, Ice Spear, Spirit Weapon Awakening, 
Flame Burst, Blaze, and Wings of Rage all ignore protection rate.

Getting fast proficiency on: Sheilds and Armor:
People who get use to the game like to upgrade items but, to do that you have
to get proficiency on that item and from the two I listed above I know fast 
ways to get it faster.

Shields: One way is to defend a lot against a weak monster without smash like: 
Rats(grey) or Spiders(white). Just throw a rock at it to avoid killing it and 
activate the arrgo then defend and run a little after you're hit in defense 
then load it again and continue. The other way gives more proficiency and that
is to use the skill Charge on a monster. This way could take longer then the 
defending way but you get much more proficiency.

Armor: There is really only one good way to get proficiency on armor and that
is to be hit a lot. I recommend using the monster Mimics as they do little to
no damage and attack a lot. To get them on you just open every chest they are
in and watch or leave coming back now and then to refill your Hp as 1's could 
kill you overtime.

Charge glitch:
First you need the charge skill (any rank) and any shield (unless you're a 
giant). load charge and before the moment it finishes loading spam click on 
the target. If you do it right then you will do the charge hit animation and
hit the target for normal charge damage but, wont move from that spot and will
still have charge loaded to use again. If you did it wrong you will just charge.
This glitch is spamable since charge takes no time to load and because you cancel
the skill and do the glitch again there is no cooldown time.

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