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  Hints and Tips for: Madness Combat Interactive - Flash Game 
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 Madness Combat Interactive - Flash Game Cheats

Madness Combat Interactive - Flash Game

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes:

Cheat           Result
arnold        - pumped up.
willis        - Invincibility.
newyorkminute - Infinite Bullet-time.
Guide         - Laser Guide.
armstrong     - Double Reach.
apollo        - All Enemies Use Explosives.
flcl          - Infinite Ammo.
hop           - High Jump.
gump          - Run.
minnie        - Minigun Power.

Toogle bullet time - Easy kills:
Submitted by: darkforce93

Toogle bullet time. shoot some bullets at an enemy, then switch off
bulletime while the bullets are still in the air. They will all hit
the enemy and kill him, like a shotgun.

fire sheild+ war cheat= FIERY fun time!:
Submitted by: sith jawa

This cheat is very similar to my other cheat, BLOODY fun time. Only instead of a 
rocket launcher, get a flamethrower. follow the rest of the directions the same. 
Once everyone's on fire, press enter, and you will have a giant fiery sheild when 
you go back! Hold down space again and let your fiery sheild start the fiery fun 
all over again!

makeshift jetpack+war cheat= BLOODY FUN TIME!:
Submitted by: sith jawa

First, turn on invincibility. Get a rocket launcher, like in the makeshift jetpack 
cheat. turn off enemy AI, and hold down space until enemies fill the bottom screen, 
like in the war cheat! turn on enemy AI. Ladies and gentlemen, start your jetpack! 
1 of 2 things will happen. 1. it will be gore GALORE, or 2. your computer (if its 
a slow model) will completely FREEZE! So, have a bloody fun time, or good luck 
unfreezing your computer!

SUPER makeshift jetpack!:
Submitted by: sith jawa

First, turn on the willis, hop and flcl codes. go to experiment, and get a powerful 
gun or axe. turn off enemy AI, and keep killing anyone who does NOT have a rocket 
launcher, until at least six people with rocket launchers are alive. kill one, take 
his launcher, and go next to a wall. double jump, pause, then turn on enemy AI. 
Once you unpause, quickly shoot the piece of the wall directly below you, which will 
make you go flying. your enemies will shoot you and make you fly. Shoot the walls 
again if needed. dont kill anyone,unless you want to go back down.( warning: major 
waste of time!)

The big FALL!:
Submitted by: sith jawa

OK, first get a laser gun, then hold down space until a TON of enemies cover the whole 
bottom to a wall, then turn enemy AI on, and quickly shoot the side of you 
opposite to the wall. the laser will go through every enemy, and they'll all drop dead 
simultaneously!! yay!

Twitching Guns!:
Submitted by: sith jawa

OK, first, go to experiment with the flcl code on. get a tazer and spawn an anemy. zap him, 
and once he starts twitching, beat him down with the tazer by whacking him, and once he 
falls down, dead, his gun will still be twitching until his body dissapears!

How To Trough Better:
Submitted by: Nick/Debu

ok first...: get a knife (axe recommended) and then put it up in the sky which is the middle 
of the person then spin it and when its on the right side...(spin 2 times) quickly press F 
and youll trough it.

Auto-fire Glitch:
Submitted by: Ace Cooper

Turn on the "flcl" cheat and pick up any gun on any level. Shoot right at the end of the level 
one time. If you do it right, the gun with automatically fire constantly as fast as it can. 
(If you switch guns, the glitch will still work, but drop the gun and you will have to do the 
glitch over again. Turn on the "minnie" cheat for more fun!
Cheat found by Ace Cooper, Founder of Ace Cooper Enterprises, 12/1/09

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