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  Hints and Tips for: Magic & Mayhem 
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 Magic & Mayhem Cheats

Magic & Mayhem

Cheat Codes:
Go to map wizards in magic and mayhem directory double click on 
startwizard open with notepad. You can make your hitpoints 20000 
if you like same goes for your mana.
Item list remove all ; at front of the item and you will have it.
Spells remove ; from front of spell but not more than 21 spells.


You can open the book.
Hope it is off any use,

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Subversion without the spell or pipes:
Get a creature with a "crown" over their heads. If they attack an
enemy creature of the same species they might be able to subvert 
it. This also works against illusions. 

These are 4 bytes for mana

These are 2 bytes for health

Easy POP capture:
If you are playing a quick battle, choose a Tornado spell and an 
Ancour spell. Walk up to a POP (place of power) that is guarded 
by an enemy. Cast Ancour on yourself. Then, cast Tornado on the 
POP. The enemy should fly away and the POP left clear for you to 

Crossing the bridge:
In labyrinth level is a "bridge". If you walk across it, you will be 
teleported to the pit below. To cross the bridge, do not walk over the 
markings or symbols on it.

Killing mid-air creatures:
If a creature is flying in mid-air (for example, a Bat or Griffin), cast 
the spell Gorgon Stare on them or command a Champion Law to freeze them. 
They will plummet to the ground and shatter into pieces.

Destroying totems:
The following four spells can be used to destroy totems:
Apocalypse, Lightning, Meteor Strike, and Storm.

Killing undead:
Summon a Unicorn. They have decent HP, mana cost and are effective against 
the undead. However, they are not very good against Champion Chaos and 

Easy mana spots:
During a multiplayer game you can explore the area without leaving the mana 
spot. All you do is get onto a mana spot and summon a dragon and all the 
phoenixes you can summon. Leave the dragon near you as a guard and send the 
phoenixes off to fine other mana points. So...say is you find 5 mana spots 
and put phoenixes on them you get 5x more recharge than you normally would.

Campaign Save Game Aurax Stats Cheat:
To add max health, mana, control.

It's easiest to edit the small sav*.cpn files under the "savedgames" 
directory. The small ones are the ones you auto-saved between campaigns.
(Sort them by date-modified if you're unsure which you saved last.)

After getting his first spells, Aurax becomes a wizard and can be edited.
The first game as the magic-using Aurex will usually put his stats in the 
0x800 region like this:

0x879-0x87D "aurax"
0x87E-0x87F [C8][00] (normal max=[E8][03]=1000) Health
0x880-0x889 [00][00][64][00][00][00][01][00][00] Unknown
0x88A-0x88B [3C][00] (normal max=[90][01]=400) Mana
0x88E-0x88F [0A][00] (normal max=[28][00]=40) Control

The game will shift the location further down as the game progresses, 
so just search for the string "aurax"

Savegames from within a mission will have several "aurax" strings.
One of these will store his normal maximums (same format as above.)
One of these will store his current status in the mission.
It stores current health 18 bytes after that "aurax" string.
Current mana is linked elsewhere.

Yes, values beyond the normal max is legal, but overdoing it spoils an 
already-easy game.

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