Magicians And Looters Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Magicians And Looters 
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 Magicians And Looters Cheats

Magicians And Looters

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Ludicrous Speed" achievement:
Reach Level 6 with Nyn to get a +30% speed bonus while blitzed. Equip the Fox (+25% 
speed while blitzed) and Yin (+35% speed while blitzed) swords. Also, equip the 
Lightning Anklet (+40% speed while blitzed) and Dancing Anklet (+20% speed). Activate
blitz and run to get the "Ludicrous Speed" achievement.

Easy "Tweaker" achievement:
Purchase the Melee Eater in the Tapper Tunnels for 4,000 gold. The Melee Eater allows
you to earn more blitz time by landing hits while blitzed. Equip Nyn with the Melee 
Eater because she attacks the fastest and gains bonuses to blitz time as she levels 
up. Also, equip a second weapon or item that has a bonus to blitz duration, such as 
The Wolf Tooth, Lightning Anklet, Blue Skull, and Green Rune. Attack while crouched 
to get blitz the fastest, since the hits will be weak but fast. Attempt this in an 
area with lots of enemies. Leave and re-enter the room to force the enemies to respawn.

Easy "Wisp Whisperer" achievement:
Reach Level 7 with Brett for +1 Wisp. Equip the Spellsword, Runic Shield, and Gristlina
on Brett to increase your bonus up to +4 Wisps, allowing five Wisps at the same time 
to get the "Wisp Whisperer" achievement.

Easy "Blumuwat Massacre" achievement:
The pig-like enemies called "Blumuwats" are only found in the West Cliffs area. If 
you have to return there and do not have Telewarp, use the Toll-a-Warps to reach 
the pink area on your map located east of Looter Grotto and above Undermountain. 
There is no Toll-a-Warp that will take you directly to West Cliffs. Kill three 
Blumuwats to earn the achievement.
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