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  Hints and Tips for: Magicka 
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 Magicka Cheats


Submitted by: Mazid

It's over nine thousand!!!!:
100% unlocked
Deal over 9000 damage to one enemy.

The Enchanter:
100% unlocked
Imbue your weapon with a spell.

Basic Element:
100% unlocked
Use all basic elements at least once.

RPG much?
100% unlocked
Complete all side quests in the game.

Vanilla Ice:
100% unlocked
Create a spell containing only Ice.

Wingardium Leviosa:
100% unlocked
Push someone off a cliff.

Cooking by the book:
100% unlocked
Cast a Magick successfully.

Let off some steam:
100% unlocked
Create a spell containing Steam.

Solid Snake:
100% unlocked
Defeat Jormungandr.

An eye for an eye:
100% unlocked
Defeat Behold, the watcher

State Alchemist:
100% unlocked
Create a spell that contains at least 3 different elements.

100% unlocked
Successfully cross two beams into a more powerful one.

No more trolling:
100% unlocked
Defeat Ygg.

100% unlocked
Break free from entanglement without using spells or magicks.

There is no goat level:
87.95% unlocked
Defeat Jotunn.

Never cross the beams:
87.35% unlocked
Cross opposite beams so that at least someone dies from it.

Killing your friends, you're doing it wrong:
75.9% unlocked
Heal a total of 100 000 hit points.

Blue? No Yelloooow!:
69.28% unlocked
Have a hard time settling on a color.

First Blood:
63.86% unlocked
Kill one enemy using the M60.

One in a million?:
63.25% unlocked
Get struck by a thunderbolt and survive.

Saved by the king:
60.84% unlocked
Defeat the Warlock and Machine.

OMG! They killed Yellow!:
53.01% unlocked
Die with yellow robes.

Finders keepers:
47.59% unlocked
Steal your friends equipment after he has died.

I'm the wizard king, I can do anything!:
42.77% unlocked
Create a spell that contains 5 different elements.

40.96% unlocked
Defeat Khan

There can be only one:
38.55% unlocked
Kill MacLeod.

This is Magicka!:
33.13% unlocked
Push the soldier in battlefield down the hole.

25.9% unlocked
Get thrown back in time by Vlad.

101st Airborne:
18.07% unlocked
Jump off a cliff and save yourself by teleporting.

Deep Impact:
16.27% unlocked
Kill 5 enemies with a single Earth projectile.

More like the Aristocats:
14.46% unlocked
Defeat the Aristocrats.

"Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch":
13.25% unlocked
Die from falling damage.

Play it again, Vlad:
10.24% unlocked
Defeat Vlad.

Don't fear the reaper:
9.04% unlocked
Defeat Death.

Bad Taste:
7.83% unlocked
Overkill 1000 enemies.

It's raining (beast)men:
7.23% unlocked
Gib 5 beastmen in 5 seconds.

The perfect storm:
6.02% unlocked
All players survived a thunderstorm.

We are the champions:
4.22% unlocked
Survive all waves of a challenge.

Dragon "Slayer":
3.61% unlocked
Defeat Fafnir.

I call it a Hawking Hole:
2.41% unlocked
Make 50 enemies get sucked into the same Vortex.

I think Magicka is a pretty cool guy:
2.41% unlocked
Defeat Assatur.

Better you than me:
1.81% unlocked
Be invisible while one other player dies.

Too fancy for fireballs?:
1.2% unlocked
Complete one level using only magicks.

King's Quest:
1.2% unlocked
Find all the moose.

Stuff of legends:
0.63% unlocked
Defeat Fafnir by striking him with Gram.

Sherlock Holmes:
0.63% unlocked
Find all secret areas in the game.

Mission improbable:
0.63% unlocked
Complete Adventure in less than 4 hours.

I put on my robe and wizard hat:
0.6% unlocked
Aquire all Magicks in adventure mode.
Complete this works to get the Achievements at Adventure mode. For mor Email ME.

How to get Aristo staff easier:
Once the Black robe goblin appear, to get the staff that he is holding, you have
to get to him as close as you can, and kill him with SRSR, the damage that he 
received was small that it will take a while. Once you kill him, the ice effect
will make black robe goblin talk a little bit slower at that time, once you see
he says 'Whys' quickly grab his staff or you will not get it.

How to Obtain Seven Day Cruise Achievement:
Written by =GzR=Opieo

This guide is the answer and a fast way to get the seven day cruise achievement.

The Seven Day Cruise requires you to play 7 consecutive days on the Lonely Island
 Cruise versus map. This is actually pretty easy. You will need the DLC to play it.

* Find a partner to play the map with.
* Play a round of versus on the map.
* Exit the game, change your system clock to be 15 minutes less than a day into
  the future.
* Go back to step 2 until you get the achievement.

After you've gone through step 2 seven times, and step three six times, you will 
have yourself the achievement.

-=Notes / Catches=-

* You will know it is working if you get the achievement progress indicator pop up 
  right as you're loading into the map. 1/7, 2/7, etc.
* I say a day in the future minus 15 minutes because I don't know how they base the 
  "play a day". It could be bound to a 24 hour timer. If somebody cares enough, they
  can set it to a day plus two hours and let me know. I will update the guide if it 
  doesn't matter where in the day you play.
* Watch out for the month roll over. My friend and I started on the 28th. When we 
  hit the 1st of the next month just moving our calendars forward a day each 
  iteration, it restarted our 7 day counter. Quite lame.
* I don't know if you and your friend must have the same time in your clocks for 
  the game to think its working.
* If changing time on Windows, you can't just change the clock and go back, make  
  sure you turn off the internet time synchronization first as well. This might 
  apply to other operating systems.

This method allows you to get the achievement in roughly 20 minutes. Probably less.

Hat tip to That Guy for having the patience to put up with my achievement hunting 
and crazy ideas like seeing if this can be shorted using system clock editing rather
than having to come back for 6 more days.

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