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  Hints and Tips for: Magic Sweets 
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 Magic Sweets Cheats

Magic Sweets

Tips & Tricks, or How To Get 60 Gold Cups:
Submitted by: Vasilek Games

1. Start cooking pastries before clients come. It would be better to click 
   the stove elements first, before filling the glasses. 

2. You can replace filled glasses with empty ones in one click. Just take 
   an empty glass from a shelf and click the filled one. 

3. You can cook up to 5 cakes each form and put it on plates below the stove
   by right click or pressing space key (space key is available in Mac version

4. Teach baby dragon. He'll help you to make pastries with additions. You can 
   put an iced pastry or a filled glass on a plate (or leave it in icings or 
   coolers) and cook another dishes - baby dragon will throw the necessary 

5.You can prepare 2-layer pastries anywhere: 
  - in the icings: ice the first layer, then put an iced 1-layer pastry to 
    the necessary icing and put an empty layer - it will be iced as a second 
  - on the plates: ice both layers separately, then put the first layer on a
    plate, then put a second layer on a first one. If you have taught baby 
    dragon properly you can leave 2-layer pastry on a plate and the baby 
    dragon will throw necessary additions; 
  - on the fly: you can ice the first layer, then click an empty cake (in 
    the stove or on a plate below) - it'll become a second layer. 

6.You can put additions and spell in two ways: 
  - take the dish and click the necessary addition or spell; 
  - choose the necessary addition or spell then click the dish. 

7.Buy some upgrades in the shop. Upgrade icings, coolers and stove elements,
  buy an aromatic lamp.

8.Buy plates in the shop and put pastries and cocktails on them: Dino will 
  throw the necessary additions if he's trained.

9.For iced pastries and filled glasses you can use coolers and icings as 

10.Catch the coins. The faster the coins are caught the sooner a next 
   customer will come.

11.At the beginning cook a complex dish and put it on a plate. 
   Somebody will see and buy it.

12.You can put another spell on the already enchanted pastry.

13.Don't skip puzzles and don't use hints. When you solve puzzles yourself, 
   you get paid for it.

14.If you haven't enough money to buy a necessary upgrade, replay any level. 
   It would be more interesting if you try to get gold cups.

15. Find a comfortable mouse and configure it using the Control Panel (PC) 
    or System Preferences (MAC).

You can find a very helpful video "Magic Sweets: Tips And Tricks or How To 
get 60 Gold Cups" on YouTube.

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