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  Hints and Tips for: Majesty - Gold Edition 
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 Majesty - Gold Edition Cheats

Majesty - Gold Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Hit enter and type the desired cheat:

Code                       Result 
victory is mine          - Win Game 
now you die              - Lose Game 
fill this bag            - Add 10,000 Gold 
revelation               - Reveal Map 
build anything           - All Buildings Available 
give me power            - All Spells Available 
cheezy towers            - Spells Have No Range Limit 
restoration              - Restores Hit Points 
frame it                 - Shows Frame Count
grow up                  - Highlighted Hero Gains +5 Levels 
i win                    - Win level
planet fargo             - Royal Advisor sings
highlighted              - More powerful hero
goblin rush              - Spawn goblins
prepare to die           - Dragon and Rock Golem attack
night of the living dead - Spawn all undead

Quest For The Magic Ring:
To really have fun with this quest, destroy your Temple to Solarii and use
your "build anything" and "fill this bag" cheat to fully enhance your castle.
Then build a Marketplace Level 3, Blacksmith Level 3, and an Inn. Use your 
"restoration" cheat to quickly build these (If you use the "build anything" 
cheat and dont build the first level and keep enhancing, your peasants will 
NEVER touch it). Research all the Marketplace and Blacksmith things until 
you have done everything already. Save this and load game you just saved. Now
you can keep playing this quest over and over again. 

The reason why I love this quest is because you have another kingdom to attack
repeatedly. You can also steal heroes from the other king. First build an empty
guild (for instance, if you are trying to steal their warriors, build an empty 
warrior's guild; if you are trying to steal their rangers, build an empty 
ranger's guild). Then use the "now you die" cheat to destroy the other king's
guild. If you look in your empty guild, you will see that you have now stolen
their heroes. *You cannot steal every wizard of theirs. you only steal one half
of their wizards, so I will suggest that you wait until they have recruited all
four wizards before stealing them. 

Don't forget that you must still complete the magic ring quest in order to win.
Even if they don't have a palace, they are still fully able to destroy the site.
In order to keep the quest fun, only attack the gnome's guilds and the houses. 
These will reappear after a while. Once you put an attack reward on any red unit
or building, they will start attacking you instantly, so be careful. 

Traitorous Elves:
use the "build anything" cheat and build a wall of ballista towers directly in
the path of the elves. your settlement will be perfectly safe just as long as 
you make at least four towers in a line and periodically use the "restoration"
cheat to repair the towers.

If you do "Slay the Mighty Dragon" quest, make sure you immediately do the "build
anything" cheat and "now you die" cheat on the dragons. if you dont do this, you 
will be utterly destroyed in less than a minute. use "revelation" to find the 
"dwarven settlement" and get the magic sword as fast as you can.
The very last quest available. you must complete every other quest first. "Day of
Reckoning" is the hardest quest ever. every two seconds, you must use "restoration"
and recruit as many heroes as you can in order to win. the very first cheat you must
use is "revelation" to get all the temples and elves and dwarves. after you get the 
dwarves, you can build the ballista towers to help repel the evil creatures.

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