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  Hints and Tips for: Mall Tycoon 3 
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 Mall Tycoon 3 Cheats

Mall Tycoon 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times. 

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu or during game play to activate the 
cheat function. A message will appear on the left side of the screen to confirm correct
code entry if they are entered at the main menu. There is no confirmation during game 
play. Repeat a code to disable its effect.

Code           Result 
SafeMouse     - Toggle Safe Mouse pointer (incase of mouse troubles) 
Bedit         - Open the Ground Type Editor 
MovieCapture  - enable Movie Capture 
CatEdit       - enable the CatEdit Game Editor 
                (requires EngineDebug or CatDebug first) 
DebugAI       - Toggle AI Debugging 
CatDebug      - Toggle All Debugging Options
IAmACheater   - Toggle Cheat Mode 
GameDebug     - enable Game Debug Mode 
EngineDebug   - enable Engine Debug Mode 
catedit       - Enable  after entering engine debug or game debug mode
The following are usable when Cheat Mode is enabled. 

Keys Effect 
---- ------ 
Ctrl I Toggle the game Interface 
3 1 Young Male enters your Mall 
4 1 Young Female enters your Mall 
5 1 Middle-Aged Male enters your Mall (may also have a child) 
6 1 Middle-Aged Female enters your Mall (may also have a child) 
7 1 Old Male enters your Mall 
8 1 Old Female enters your Mall 
M Increase Money by $5000 
D Information about a Tile (or possibly an Item) in the World 
R Increase Reputation 
Shift R Decrease Reputation 
G Toggle a Grid Display on the ground 
K Change viewpoint/camera 
U Increase Tier to the "Top Tier" 
This will unlock all of the Item/Store types for purchase. 
Use the Code multiple times to increase the Visitor Limit for 
your mall. 

Some debug keys that do not require cheats to be enabled: 

Keys Effect 
---- ------ 
Ctrl + Increase Gamma 
Ctrl - Decrease Gamma 

Some keys that require a debug mode or other options to be enabled: 

Keys Effect 
---- ------ 
F6 Toggle Cull Cam (no idea what it does though) 

1. Start the game. 
2. Enable a Game Trigger (such as the Cheat Mode). 
3. Enter your hot-key codes. 

NOTE about the 3 through 8 Number Cheats: 
The new Visitor(s) to your mall will drop out of the sky at the spot where your 
mouse pointer is located. So feel free to move around your mall and then hover 
your Mouse Pointer over the desired location for those Cheats.

Cull Cam:
After enabling debug modes, press [F6] to toggle the Cull Cam option.

Keep Them Shopping:
You need to keep one eye on your finances and one eye on your shoppers. Sad 
shoppers will be heading for the door, so look for clues on how to keep them 
happy. As your fiancés grow, use the money to expand your mall, add new stores 
and don’t forget the arcade…those pre-teens like to spend their quarters!
Watch for signs of crime, vandalism and disrepair. Shoppers like a clean and 
safe mall. Nothing chases the cash away faster than letting your mall 

Juz look:
In game type "iamacheater" and press these buttons as many times as you like

Effect                         Code
Creates Random Teen Boy	     - Press 3 (No numpad)
Creates Random adult female  - Press 6
Creates Random adult male    - Press 5
Creates Random senior female - Press 8
Creates Random senior male   - Press 7
Creates Random Teen Girl     - Press 4
Customer View mode           - Press K

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