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  Hints and Tips for: MechWarrior 3 
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 MechWarrior 3 Cheats

MechWarrior 3

sent in by The Zhman89 

1. When you are at the the last mission, shoot all the mech enemies with your
laser at their left leg and left arm but do not kill them. Let them kill you 
and do not save. Then restart the game and enter "brainsup" as you piolot entry.
If done right, you should have 2 new mechs. 

Disable Heat Death:
To disable heat death (not exploding when you overheat) do the following. Take 
a mech that overheats by shuting down or explodes when perfoming an alpha strike. 
As soon as you do the alpha strike, quickly use your coolant by pressing the F 
key. You should recieve a message that says, "Heat death disabled." 

Easier Salvage:
To salvage enemy mechs easier all you have to do is to shoot off one of the enemy 
mech's legs. An easy way to do this a group a lot of medium pulse lasers together 
and fire them at one leg. NOTE: This trick doesn't always work, but it does increase 
your chances for salvage. 

Video Select: 
To view any of the videos from Mech Warrior 3, open "My Computer". Then right-click
on the Mech Warrior 3 CD, then click on open. Then go into the video folder. Just 
double click on the video you wish to view. 

Easy salvage:
Blow the legs off a mech, rather then the torso. Or, better yet, use a head shot.

Easy head shots:
Salvage a "Clan Targeting Computer" and equip it on your mech. Then target a mech's 
head and fire a large pulse for a one hit head shot kill.

Easy kills:
Blow off one leg of a mech. Since a mechs legs are much weaker then the torso, it 
makes killing enemy mechs much easier.

Temperature Management:
Overheating is more of an issue than in any previous MechWarrior games. When you 
modify your loadouts, don't add more energy weapons than you can cool effectively.
Those machine guns don't look like much, but they can keep tearing at an enemy 
while you cool down from that laser volley you just fired. 

When battling enemy heavy mechs, send in whatever lance mates you have first while
you concentrate heavy fire on the enemy mechs' legs. Use the zoom feature for 
those accurate long-range attacks. 

* Don't think that an assault mech automically means you have the cat by the tail.
  Even the heaviest mech can have its legs or chest torn out by a couple of well-
  placed AC/20 shots. Keep moving and use cover. 
* Heat is more of an enemy than in any previous MechWarrior game. When you modify
  your loadouts, don't add more energy weapons than you can cool effectively. Those
  machine guns don't look like much, but they can keep tearing at an enemy while you
  cool down from that laser volley you just fired. 

* When battling enemy heavy mechs, send in whatever lance mates you have first while
  you concentrate heavy fire on the enemy mechs' legs. Use the zoom feature for those
  accurate long-range attacks.

Submitted by: Anne Marie Gomez

Hold alt+ctrl+shift and type the following words

code           result
coldmiser   : disable heat sink
blorb       : no damage
flygirl     : jumpjet
mightymouse : unlimited jumpjet juice
cia         : unlimited ammo

Best configuration:
Select the chassis Daishi. Un-quip everything (including Double Heat Sinks, etc.).
Put 1 Er Laser (L) Clan in the head, 2 Er Laser (L) Clan in the center torso, 9 Er
Laser (L) Clan and 1 Er Laser (M) Clan in the left torso, 2 Heavy laser (M) Clan 
and 1 Laser (S) in the right torso, 2 jump jets in each leg, and in the right/left
arm you can put anything (ammunition, equipment, etc.). If you stay in the water on
The Road to Madre, you will not be shut down as easily from heat.

Ultimate Powered Mechs:
Submitted by: DJ

If you want really good mechs, then you need to have the following weapons:

Medium Lasers
MEdium Pulse Lasers
LRM 10-20's

*Thor: 4 ER PPC's, 3-7 Medium Lasers, and if you have the room, 1 Flamer. 
ER PPC's go to the Left Arm, all Lasers to Right Arm and the Flamer goes with 
the Lasers.

*Daishi: 6-9 Medium Pulse Lasers, and as many Double Heat Sinks as possible. 
All Lasers go to the Arms.

*Annhilator: 4 ER PPC's, some LRM 10-20's, and if you can cram 'em in there, 
2-4 (preferrably 4) if you can do 4, 2 for the center torso, 1 for each leg.
Instant Action:

**Annhilator 6-7 ER PPC's

*Note: I recommend shooting all enemy 'Mech's at the leg, because if you don't 
have a lot of Clan Heat Sinks and Clan Double Heat Sinks, your 'Mech will shut 
down on firing the ER PPC's.

**Note: INSTANT ACTION ONLY! You need to have Heat Tracking turned off or else 
your 'Mech will blow up.

Note 3: If other mech's are lighter, a shot in the center torso will kill them.

Submitted by: DJ

Annhilator: The ER PPC's, Clan LRM 20's, and 4 Jumpjets. Weapons & equipment 
are shown in the above cheat: Ultimate Powered Mech's

Hint for a mech lancemate:
Submitted by: CheaterMech

In an instant action game have at least 1 assult type as a lance mate. Then 
customize it so it has a couple of flamers and then chuck it full to the brim 
with srm4 or sreak srms and such. then when attacking either another assult 
type or alarge amush of light mechs, you can call him over. I made one which 
had so many srms that the moment the first one last one fired that te 
first one could fire again. All his rockets homeing in on 1 target. well. 
nothing has survived it yet. so..thats my hint/cheat.

Submitted by: king rat

For online fast kills of ANY heavy Mech your fighting, get the smallest mech you 
can get, load him up with all the michine guns you can put on him and set the speed 
for the highest mph, and just run circles around sundars,thors, dashi's and blast 
them to pieces, they wont be able to lock on you cause your moving over 120mph 
espically if you use the masc

Safe ammo storage:
Put your ammunition on the arms when you build a mech. Normally, when your arm 
gets blown off, the items in it are also gone. However, this is not the case for

Cool down quickly:
If there's deep water on the map, and you find yourself badly overheated, head 
for it. The water will bleed off the excess heat. More importantly, you can stay
in the water and have a weapons bonanza. It's like sitting in a giant heat sink!

Go for the legs:
In any Mechwarrior game, the trick is "go for the legs". If you take the leg off
a mech, it's considered destroyed. The legs are not as well armored as the torso.
Taking out only the legs also increase the your chance of salvaging it. 

Get good heatsinks:
The Mechs generate a lot of heat both internally and by firing its weapons. The 
heat must be dissipated by the heatsinks. The default heatsinks are not very 
efficient. The Clans have double heatsinks which are good. Inner Sphere copies 
of the double heatsinks use up 3 critical mounting points, making them less 
efficient than the Clan version. You can't mix different types of heatsinks on
a single mech. You will have to salvage enough of the Clan double heatsinks to
outfit the four mechs you use. The result are much more robust mechs able to 
utilize more of their firepower. 

Long range snipers:
With ER Large Lasers, your mech can be very effective sniper, esp. on targets 
with patrol orders. Use the zoom mode and "reach out and touch someone". You 
won't score one hit kills, but you'll get a couple hits in.

Unlimited Salvage:
Unlimited Salvage There is a way to salvage the same mech again. Save your game
immediately after you finish collecting your salvage. Then load the game. It will
be back again for you to salvage. It works after any mission.

Ultimate mech:
Submitted by: Dave

Go in instant action in the Mech lab and choose Annihilator go to customize and get 
rid of all the weapons and equipment. select left arm and put 5 pulse laser (L)(CLAN) 
and do the same with the right arm. Then go to center torso and go to equipment you 
should have enough room to add two Jump jet(CLAN) then test set enemy mechs to high 
level and test but set all weapons to the same group them test set weapons so they all 
fire at once. oh and turn off heat management.

With ER Large Lasers, your mech can be a very effective sniper, especially on targets
with patrol orders. Use Zoom mode and fire. You will not get any one hit kills, but 
can get a few hits in.

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