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  Hints and Tips for: Mechwarrior 4 
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 Mechwarrior 4 Cheats

Mechwarrior 4

Cheat mode (demo version):
Submitted by: RM

Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and type one of the following 
codes to activate the cheat function.

Result                   Code	
Invincibility          - iy
Unlimited ammunition   - uo
Heat tracking disabled - hf
Destroy enemy mech     - ib
Mission skip           - ml

Easy Instant Action win:
Build a Mech with double Thunderbolts. In battle, run up to your enemy and 
fire them at his cockpit. This usually works in one or two hits.

Ultimate long range mech:
Get a Mad Cat Mk II and strip it completely. Lose the Jump Jets, Heatsinks, 
weapons, all the armor, tone down the speed to minimum, etc. Add two Clan 
Gauss Rifles and two Light Gauss Rifles, raise the speed up a notch. and 
put the rest in armor. Use the following firing chains: 

1: One Clan Gauss Rifle and one Light Gauss Rifle
2: The other Clan Gauss Rifle and other Light Gauss Rifle
3: All of them 
Note: Keep this Mech away from close combat and always try to hit the cockpit.
If you manage to knock a mech over, blast it with all four at once on the 
cockpit and watch it burn.

Ultimate short range mech:
Get a Daishi and strip it down so it has no armor, no speed, no extras, etc. 
Put a Clan LBX AC10 in each arm, a Clan LBX AC20 in each torso, and a 
Thunderbolt in the center torso. Top out the armor and add as much speed 
as you can.

Ultimate Clan mech:
Bet a Shadowcat and strip it down to minimum weight. Next, put two Clan LRM10s, 
two Clan RM5s, two ER large lasers, set the speed to 87 km/h, Jet Pack, Beam 
Activation, and LAMs. Whatever remains can go to armor, heat sinks, or speed. 
When it is done, the mech can destroy buildings with usually one hit, and enemy 
mechs with a few hits.

Ultimate Beam weapon mech:
Start with a Nova Cat mech. Strip it to the minimum, and put in two Clan Large 
pulse lasers, four Clan medium lasers, and fill the rest with Clan Small lasers.
Put in 5 tons of heat sinks, and fill the armor slots. Do not worry about speed,
as no matter how fast you go, you will always have at least something firing.

Ultimate Long-range mech:
Take a Daishi, strip it, and put a Clan Gauss in each side of the torso, one 
in the center, and one light Gauss on each arm. Put a light laser in each arm, 
as you never want to get caught with no ammo remaining for your Gausses. Fill 
the armor as far as you can,

Cauldron-Born 666 mech:
Strip all weapons and equip two Clan Gauss rifles, a Clan SSRM 4, a LRM 10, and 
an ER medium laser. Max out the armor and give it a LAMS. It may be slower, but 
now packs a wallop at all ranges.

Recommended mech:
Use a Daishi with 6 ER Large Lasers (Group 1); 2 Clan LBX-AC20s (Group 2); 
Components: LAMS; speed is 51 kph. The rest is armor. Try to fill up the 
torsos and arms and put the least amount of armor on the legs.

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