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  Hints and Tips for: Mega Man X 
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 Mega Man X Cheats

Mega Man X

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All weapons and tanks, no sub-Bosses:
Type xstuff when game play begins.

Cheat Codes:
Type xstuff during game play for all X armor, all abilities (Cutter man's 
scissor throw, etc.) at maximum, all four Energy Tanks filled, full health 
capacity, and all Bosses completed except for the last three inside the Main 

Extra life:
Enter 2656 6418 3242 as a password, then go to Armored Armadillo stage. Before 
the boss gate , climb over the top to find found a big life power-up. Collect 
it, then exit the stage. Repeat this less than five times and you can find a 
hidden weapon next to the big life power-up. Note: Make sure the spare life 
is full. 

Extra lives in Armadillo stage:
At the very beginning of Armored Armadillo's stage, there is a cart that goes 
down for a short distance before leveling out again. On the ceiling are a few 
places where the roof juts out a bit. On each of these is a bat. On around the 
fifth one is a small black ball that when you approach reveals itself to be 
another bat, though you do not see these anywhere else. They are actually 
visitors from some of the original Megaman games. You cannot shoot them while 
they are in ball form. Wait for them to start flying towards you. Also, these 
bats happen to give you an extra life quite often, so this is a good place to 
stock up. 

Defeating Sigma's pet:
The Wind weapon is most effective.

Defeating Storm Eagle:
Get the Dash Boots on Chill Penguin's level. Then, go to Storm Eagle's level and 
proceed until you battle him. When he is on foot, he might spit out mini-eagles 
at you or try to blow you off the plane. When he spits the mini-eagles out, dodge 
them with Dash, then destroy them. If he tries to blow you off the plane, dash 
towards him and fire at him. Keep firing until he flies back up. When he swoops 
down at you, keep dodging him. Repeat this process until he is defeated. 

Defeating Vile:
When Zero destroys Vile's powerful armor, you will start fighting Vile. 
Use missiles. They are very effective against him

Armor upgrade in Sting Chameleon stage:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook
Before you enter the tunnel with the falling rocks, climb up the wall above it. 
There will be a green machine there. Fight it. Note: Its weak point is the head. 
When you defeat it, a capsule will appear from the ground. The armor upgrade will 
be inside. Note: This will also stop the falling rocks in the tunnel.

Fill health tanks and weapons energy in Sigma's stage:
You will start at the bottom of a "pit". Charge yourself with the shield weapon so 
that you have a shield around you. Climb up the wall and stand next to the holes on
either side where the bugs come out. Keep jumping up on the wall and stay directly 
on the hole. The bugs will come out and your shield will kill them. Each time you 
kill them you will get an item such as an extra life, health, or energy for your 

Energy Extender at Launch Octopus stage:
Go forward until you see a tornado-like thing that goes up. It is blue in color. Get 
on one and you will go up out of the ocean. If you do not see a ship with oil cans on
it and little flying robots that appear, keep going forward. If you see more, go on 
them until you see a ship. It will be on the right side. On the front of it is 
something that resembles a blue circle. Shoot it with your fire until it starts 
smoking. Stay on it. It will sink. Wait until it touches the bottom. You will fight 
a metal snake. Defeat it and it will explode. When it is done exploding, keep going 
to the right and the Energy Extender should be there. 

E- Tank locations: 
* Flame Mammoth stage
  Go until reaching the little opponents that throw the picks at you. Instead of going 
  to the exit, go up the platforms until you reach the extra life. Dash left and jump 
  to find an E-tank. 

* Storm Eagle stage
  Go to the part just before the hover platforms. When you see the opponent on the 
  rising platform, kill it. Ride the platform to the building in the air, and shoot
  through the glass. 

* Armored Armadillo stage
  When you reach the first cliff with the miner machine, set the machine off, climb
  the wall, and run to where the machine started. 

* Spark Mandrill stage
  You will need to get the Boomerang Cutters first. Go to where you can climb a ladder 
  up or down. Go down and destroy the defense units. Do not go up the next ladder. 
  Instead, equip your Boomerangs and jump straight into the air and fire one. It will 
  catch the E- tank and return it to you.

To obtain the Hoadouken from Street Fighter. You must have every piece of the armor
suit, every weapon, every haert, and every sub-tank. Go to Aormored armaillo stage 
and go all the way to the end of the stage. Jump into the cliff about 4 times (make
sure you have enough lives to do this), After the 4th time, a capsule will appear 
over the ledge over the maverick door, that is where you will receive the Hadouken.
To perform it use the same code sequence as in Street Fighter (down, forward, and 
the shoot button). This will drain half of an enemy's health meter.

Get Upgraded X-Buster early:
The Helmet, Boots, and some luck are required for this trick. You usually get the 
Upgraded X-Buster from Zero, but you can get it much earlier than that. In the 
Flaming Mammoth Stage, there is a part where mine workers throw picks at you, and
where you get the heart and sub-tank. Before you enter there, there is a small 
location that you can break with your helmet just at the entrance of that room. 
With luck, you can reach the place with your boots and break the blocks with your
helmet. Then, climb straight up to get it.

Boss weaknesses:
Chill Penguin     - Fire
Launch Octopus    - Shield
Armored Armadillo - Spark
Storm Eagle       - Sting
Spark Mandrill    - Ice
Sting Chameleon   - Boomerangs
Boomer Kuwranger  - Missiles
Flame Mammoth     - Storm
Sigma's Head      - Shield (does two hits and does not need to be charged)

Recommended Boss order:
Face the Bosses in the following order. 

Chill Penguin (use Megabuster) 
Storm Eagle (use Megabuster) 
Spark Mandrill (Use S. Ice) 
Armored Armadillo (Use E. Spark and Megabuster) 
Flame Mammoth (Use Storm T.) 
Launch Octopus (Use R. Shield and Megabuster) 
Boomer Kuwranger (Use Homing T. with lots of energy tanks)
Sting Chameleon (Use B. Cutter)

Defeating Sigma:
When battling Sigma's last form, use Rolling Shield on his head. Do a jump, then shoot.
Note: This seems to be the only weapon that can damage him.

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