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  Hints and Tips for: Megaman X6 
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 Megaman X6 Cheats

Megaman X6

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Find Zero with the teleporters and fight him. He will join you after he
is defeated. 

In the Amazon area with Zero and the special attack Ensuizan, get on top
of one of the Transporter Reploids. Perform the special attack. If done 
correctly, you will be invincible throughout the rest of the level and be
able to walk on spikes, as long as you do not die by falling of a cliff. 

Alternate purple doors entrances: 
If you approach purple doors differently, your character might enter 
differently and do poses. For example, if you continuously shoot peewee
shots while approaching a purple door (still shooting when you enter), you
will walk in with your gun raised and aimed forward. If you slide down a 
wall into a purple door, your character will turn around and slide (on 
nothing) into the next room. Dashing will also result in an alternative

Stop roof from lowering in Metal Shark's stage:
You can stop the lowering roof by getting the big robot and walking through 
the level. At one point you will see a large garbage pile. It is the tallest 
one. Jump up there and get out of the robot. The roof will only go down until 
it hits the robot, and you can easily make it to the lower area. 

Blue portals:
At some areas, you will see a blue warp portal. Go inside to unlock many things 
in game. The first time is where you meet Nightmare Zero; it unlocks Zero as a 
player. The second time is where you meet High Max again; it auto unlocks the 
Gate stage. The third and many times afterwards is where you meet Dyamo from 
Megaman X5, as you would always meet him if you still go in the blue portal. 

Easy Nightmare Soul gain:
After defeating all eight Mavericks, go to a stage that you can get to the 
teleporter fairly quickly and easily (such as Infinity Mijinion). Get to the
Boss (not the main one, the one where you fight Zero or High Max). You should
find Dynamo there. Get next to him and use the Meteor Rain attack (Ensuizan 
for Zero) twice. Dynamo should drop a Nightmare Orb worth 200 Souls. You can
make him do this three times before he goes away for a total of 600 Souls. 
You can do this as many times as you needed. 

Defeating Blaze Heatnix:
Immediately as the battle starts, magma flows up from the bottom of the screen.
Find a ledge. After you hit Blaze Heatnix a few times, the lava recedes and 
comes down from the top of the screen. You now have the little space below 
the ledges; so use Meteor Rain to kill Blaze Heatnix quickly.

Defeating the Giant Maverick:
For the first battery. equip AutoCharge, then dodge until you are fully charged.
When fully charged, shoot the little red gem. On the way to the second battery, 
a tracking system targets you. If it locks on, wait until it shoots, then jump. 
For the second battery, use the same tactics as done against the first, except 
there are lasers that shoot at you from the side walls, and the targeting system
is still activated.

X's armor:
Use the following trick to obtain all of X's armor. Start the game with X's 
Ultimate armor then collect the parts to the Blade and Shadow armor and defeat
Nightmare Zero. By his time you should have all X's armor plus Zero. If you 
start the game with the Ultimate Armor you will immediately have the degraded
Falcon armor and X with no armor which are both not recommended for use. 

Defeating Infinity Mijinion:
Note: Zero is required. First, destroy the doors that power Illumina. Then 
when the crystal appears, keep running to the right. You will reach Infinity
Mijinion's Boss doors. Then, just use Zero's Z Blaster until Mijinion has 
been defeated.

Defeating Shield Sheldon:
Note: This only requires Zero to be used in the level. Once you meet Shield 
Sheldon, dash to him. If he teleports to one side of the arena, get as close 
as possible to him before he throws his shells. Duck from the first one. When
it passes you, run up to Sheldon and slash him with the saber combo to do 
serious damage. Then, avoid the shells as they appear and prepare to fight 
again. If he teleports to the top of the screen and goes into his shell, dash
to the right or left of him and wait for him to hit the floor. Then, dash to 
the other side of the room. He will end up throwing shells at you very soon. 
After you hurt him enough, he will shield himself from all sides and charge 
at you. Slash Sheldon and a shield or two at the same time with a normal combo.
Note: If he is not floating at you, then you have a problem. This should kill
him by now. If he is still alive, he will split his shells up to the four 
corners of the screen. Then, he will fly out of them and go into another one.
Move to the center of the floor, between the bottom two shells. Wait for him 
to fly out of one of the shells at you. Then, jump over him and shoot him as 
he flies away. Repeat each technique for each attack, and you should not have
any problems. 
Note: When he does not have the shells on him, try to combo him repeatedly.

Get X's Ultimate armor and Zero's Black armor:
At the title screen, input the following codes to get the hidden armor. 
You can only get one of them at a time though...

Code                      Effect
L, L, L, ZR             - Get Black armor for Zero.
Left, Left, Left, Right - Get Ultimate Armor for X.

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