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 Microsoft Baseball 2001 Cheats

Microsoft Baseball 2001

Programmer Baseball Cards: 
If you press "S", the batter will spit. If you continue to press it, you
will eventually see the the cards. 

Hidden Pitch:
Using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox, use the 4th pitch key ('S' on
the keyboard), even though he only has three pitches listed. He will throw
a sadistic curveball at 107 MPH, every time. I do not think this affects 
his fatigue any more than your average fastball. This only works in League

Never an out:
Just press Ctrl and t, then you will get no outs when u bat.

Unlimited Outs:
To get unlimited outs, hold Ctrl R then u will get unlimited outs. If u want
to get outs again, hold Ctrl R again to restart outs!

Super curveball:
When using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher in league play, 
press S to throw a 107 mph curveball, even though it is not one of his listed

The computer loves to call the suicide-bunt play, so watch for the bunt 
whenever the computer has a runner on second base. To catch the runner 
heading to third, time your throw to help reduce the runner's reaction 

When in Manager mode, you'll want to start trading, recruiting free agents,
or at least begin planning for the future from day one. One trick to getting
good, long-term trades is to offer up trades constantly after every game in
hopes of eventually getting one that is a ridiculously good trade. 

Sound quality gets better if you free up CPU usage by lowering this game's
graphical settings. Turning the graphical resolution down to 640 by 480 will
significantly improve audio performance at the expense of the graphics. 

Submitted by: rickHH

Easy cash points:
Go to "Team", then to "Trade". Try trading nothing for all of their cash points.
If they decline, you are in luck. Double click on an AAA player, or a very bad 
non-popular player with a low salary (for example, Jason Phillips of the Pirates).
When his card is on the screen, go to "Modify". Next, make the player's salary 
201 points. You can now trade any player for nothing, or you can trade their 
points for nothing. You can trade their points as many times as desired until
you log off trade. Then, they do not have money. Note: This does not always 
work with players with big contracts.

Free Players:
In order to get this to work you first need to enable Commisioner mode. 
Do this by clicking on the options tab in the right-hand corner or by 
editing a player. 
Now go to the trade screen. Your team's logo should be the top logo. Change 
it to the team that you want a player from and change the bottom logo to your 
team's logo. You now can nab any player you want for nothing. 
You can also do this with points too.

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