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  Hints and Tips for: Midnight Club II 
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 Midnight Club II Cheats

Midnight Club II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Go to Options/Cheat Codes and enter one of the following codes : 

Code              Result
starlite        - Hallucinating view
howhardcanitbe0 - Difficulty adjust (0 -9)
starpower       - Gun (key F by default) and no damage
leatherandlace  - Gun, rocket launcher (keys F and H) and no damage 
upupdowndown    - Unlock all cities, vehicles and modes (arcade only)
theparrot       - Unlock all modes 
griswold        - Unlock all cities
octane          - Nitrous
yerbamate       - Unlimited Nitrous
rimbuk          - Unlock all cities, vehicles and modes (arcade only)
operationdoom   - Press F to fire gun, H to fire rocket; damage not disabled
tumbler         - Faster in-air controls
quickFix        - Reset faster after crash
aquaspark       - Press [Shift] + F to fly
happyhour       - All cars stand still

If you have the Veloci, you can do a wheelie by going onto two wheels and pressing 
both brakes until you turn around. Then, press the gas to do a wheelie. Using nitro 
while doing the wheelie will help keep you in it.

Slip stream turbo:
Line up in the wake of the car ahead of you, watching air streams and listening for 
the draft noise. Stay in this sweet spot for a few moments until the meter fills up 
with red, and then press [Nitro] to slip ahead of your opponents. Note: You cannot 
use this until you defeat three people in career mode. 

Losing the police:
When side by side with a police car, find a tree or pole ahead that is on the side 
nearest to the police car. Push the police car into the tree or pole. 
When a police car is directly behind you, find a tree or pole ahead. Drive directly 
toward it and when near, take a sharp turn away from it. The police car will smash 
into the tree or pole. 

Two-wheel driving:
This move is much more effective if you pop up on the wheels early, then hold the 
position (hold [Weight Transfer]) and steer your car. If you wait until you are about 
to hit someone, it will not be as easy to see where you should go.

With some of the cars, you can charge up the burnout faster by revving up the engine, 
then pressing [Handbrake]. It depends on the car, but some will work better this way

Spin-out competitors:
As you approach another car from behind, try to line up the front half of your car
with the back end of the other car. As you touch the back end, turn sharply toward
the other car. If done correctly, you can make them swerve into a wall or even do 
a 180 and be left behind in the dust.

Motorcycle turns:
If you are making a sharp turn, try to make your wheels hit the wall/building. If you
use the handbrake or regular brake, you can turn the bike sideways and let your wheels
hit instead of hitting it head-on. This allows you to stay on the bike and keep going.
You can also still steer while popping a wheelie. After you pull back, keep holding 
[Weight Transfer] (but stop pulling back) and use the steering to move while gaining
speed. The view is a little difficult, but you can get a lot of speed this way.

Look at some of the graffiti on the walls in Los Angeles to find some interesting things.
Near a wall by the airport is graffiti that says "Vice City", referring to the fact that 
Rockstar made both Midnight Club 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There is also saw a 
wall that had "Rockstar" on it. 
Go to the dry trench in Los Angeles. You will see graffiti on the sloped part of the 
trench. You can find the names of other Rockstar games such as Grand Theft Auto: 
Vice City and M.C. (Midnight Club).

Repair damage and restore nitro: 
When cruising in in career mode with damage and no nitro, find a racer and flash your 
lights at him. Do not follow him. Instead, either stay where you are or drive in the 
opposite direction. Ignore the countdown. Once out of time, your damage and nitro will 
be as if you just started the level.

Flip the finger:
Choose the motorcycle and go into any mode. Remain idle without moving. After about 
thirty seconds, the man on the bike will turn around and flip the finger. 

Motorcycle identification:
The motorcycles have real life counter parts to the following bikes:
Cohete  - Honda CBR 600
Mosonii - Ducatii 916
Nosagi  - Kawasaki Ninja 12r or Kawasaki Ninja 6rr

Cheats and hints:
Submitted by: Parikshit Singh 

Go to Options/ Cheat Codes and enter one of the following codes :

Cheats- To unlock all modes             - theparrot
All cities,vehicles and modes in arcade - rimbuk
Fire Guns[by F]                         - starpower
Fire missiles                           - leatherandlace
Psychedic View                          - starlite
Nitrous                                 - octane
Unlimited nitrous including bikes       - yerbamate
hold shift+f to fly                     - aquaspark

The best motorcycle to use to practice wheelies is the first one you unlock in career
mode. This bike is most useful for going down straightaways on the highway on the Los
Angeles level. If you use the fastest motorcycle instead of this bike, you will most 
likely fall off immediately.

Easy Detonator Battle:
This might be boring but it works. Start a Detonator Battle with teams of 3 cars.

If the game starts, drive straight to the delivery point without picking up the Detonator.
Wait there and make sure you know which team's got the bomb.

As soon as the enemy gets the bomb, stay there 'till the last minute, then drive into 
him/her to destroy the Detonator, probabily using a pickup.

If one of your team picks up the Detonator, head straight for him immediately to help 
him, and hope that your other team member is enough help 'till you arrive. 

If you started a game with 2 cars per team here there is no-one to help your friend 
but you. You are waiting on the finish however so your opponents have probably beaten
the Detonator before you arrive.

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