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  Hints and Tips for: Middle-earth: Shadow of War 
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 Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Ithildin Door Poems:
Use the following solutions to solve all five Ithildin Door Poems and get the 
Bright Lord's Legendary Set. You must find six Ithildin collectibles per region,
return to the Ithildin Door, and fill the blanks in the poem. The Ithildin Door 
locations are marked on the map. When you hover over the icon, you can see white 
outlines on the map showing you the entrance to the tomb. 

Place a marker where the white outlines end to locate the entrance more easily. 
To get the six Ithildins to appear on the map, you must purify all Headir Towers 
in the region. There are always six Ithildins and one door per region. 

There are five total regions. Behind each do:

-=Midas Morgul Poem=-
* Shadows
* Drums
* Cadence
* Land
* Wrath
* Doom
-=Cirith Ungol Poem=-
* Rises
* Fires
* Night
* Beacons
* Shines
* Marching
-=Gorgoroth Poem=-
* Lurk
* Bulwark
* Impervious
* Powers
* Vicious
* Fail
-=Nurnen Poem=-
* Iron
* Serpents
* Avail
* Woe
* Hordes
* Claim

-=Seregost Poem=-
* Slumbers
* Nest
* Poisoned
* Trapped
* Comes
* Base

Easy fight pit wins:
If your Orc is about to lose at a fight pit, simply quit the game 
and retry again until he wins.

Remember To Summon:
Itís best to remember that you can summon various Orcs that have pledged their 
alliance to help during your fight. If a battle is getting out of hand then 
request help from your followers.

1.You will not be able to create your own army until you don't get to get to 
  Act 2, at the Nurnen Region.
2.Make a habit of holding down a single Elf Shot, for just in case purpose, like 
  if there is any explosion barrel to shot at nearby and if you are short of the 
  Elf Shot, then don't worry as there is a possibility that you can probably, 
  recover some from the Orc, by dominating on it. You can follow the same 
  processes if you wish to regain some health.
3.Try to keep the entire combo button in your head when the Might Meter is full. 
  As this will let you dominate on the Orc, by pressing A+B.
4.Missions play a very important role in Shadow of War, as these directly affect 
  the Nemesis System. So always have a look at the Map for the Mission. Many 
  times you will have only 3 Chance to complete the mission before it expires 
  so, always have an eye on the Map. Also make a note of, that every time you go 
  for another Time limit mission, the timer will reduce down the time by one and 
  if the mission expires then an outcome will be generated.
5.If you wish to have some nice amount of collectibles to collect then make a 
  point of capturing the Haedir Tower in each Map. These Haedir Tower are scattered 
  around each Map in a number of 3 and getting onto the top of it and acquiring it 
  will let you create a fast travel between the regions and you will have a number 
  of collectibles scattered around the region of Talion to collect.
6.Having a check at the surroundings is also a good idea with the help of the 
  Wraith Vision, as this will let you know about the things happening in the 
  surrounding like the number of Orcs, Captains and the other collectibles.
7.You will immediately go hidden as you hide in the Bushes and even make a sudden 
  attack in the Orcs nearby, by sampling pressing the right trigger. 
  This type of gameplay suits the best for the Stealth type players.

Hot to Dodge Bruz's Attacks:
Written by CogYang

Dodge Bruz's attacks by sliding through his legs! 
Basic tip on how to do this challenge in the quest "Ring of Power".

-=Ogre Leg Sliding=-
So this took me a while to figure out, thought I should share in case others 
had trouble. 

In order to slide between any ogre's legs, but Bruz in particular for the mission 
challenge, you will only need to dodge, not an actual leg slide. Specifically you 
have to dodge right at him, and only when he attacks with the dodge prompt. 

Keyboard default is SPACEBAR, and I find I often need to hit it twice for the 
dodge to execute properly. 

I do not know the default dodge for other platforms, but you can look it up for
yourself in the menu, guide, combat, dodging. Their discription for Vaulting 
specifically is what you'll be doing to slide under an ogre's legs.

How to Transfer your Followers:
Once you have started to conquer every Fortress in the region, you will feel to defend one 
fortress with your Strong Followers. And if you want to move your followers from one 
Fortress to another then you need a special item called - 'Reassignment Orders'. 
This item can only be found in War Chest and Silver Chest (buy with in-game currency).

It took us 23 Silver Chest to find this little item. Once you get the item early 
(Lucky You!) then simply use it with Training order to the follower you want to move.
This will make then head back to Market Garrison then reassign to any region you want. 
Still unsure about how to use the Training Order? Follow the below steps:

1.Head to the Start Menu to select the 'Army' option.
2.Highlight the Orc and select the 'Command' option(Y on Xbox One and Triangle on PS4).
3.Select Training Orders (X on Xbox One and Square on PS4).
4.Choose Reassignment Orders.

Note: If you give a Follower too much Power then they can even betray you.
If you are still having Problem with the Fortress then check our Guide for Defending 
Fortress and Acquiring Fortress with ease.

Easy Ways to Farm Legendaries:
If you just want as many Legendaries as fast as possible there isnít much to optimize.
1.Kill every Captain on Sight. (Rarity doesnít improve).
2.Always Skip Time when you Fast Travel. (For fresh Captains).
3.Farm Nemesis Missions, preferable these with multiple participants.

If you want to farm a specific Legendary it gets a bit more complicated.
1.Search for Banners etc. of the Clan you want, the best indicator is a Statue.
2.Search for the Soldier type that can drop your legendary.
3.Let him kill you.

Make sure there is always a free Slot so the new Captain doesnít have to duel his way 
on the map which doesnít always succeed.

Getting the Silenced Handgun:
Successfully complete the "Out In The Open" and "Getting Back Online" side missions 
in Chapter 7 to unlock the Silenced Handgun. Both side missions are for a man named 
Sykes. You find him fending off zombies in a parking lot, around the center of the 
map. You can enter the parking lot through the gate in the south. Kill all the zombies
and rescue Sykes. Then, talk to him in his safe house to complete the "Out In The Open"
side mission. He will then give you the "Getting Back Online" side mission, which 
requires you to backtrack a little bit and use the computer in the northern safehouse.
You then get teleported back to The Marrow where you must access a terminal. 
Run back to Sykes and he will unlock a big orange box in his safe house, which 
contains the Silenced Handgun.
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