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 Might & Magic 2 - Gates to Another World Cheats

Might & Magic 2 - Gates to Another World

Cheat Codes:
This file explains how to change players in Might and Magic Book Two. It's very simple.
Use PcTools/PcShell or Norton Utilities to do it. The file in which the game store it's
playerdata is ROSTER.DAT and every player has exactly same number of characters in that
file. I'm writing the position for every player in that file. Position 1 is the players
first character in the file (every players data begins with the name)  and so on. When 
I writes 20 for example, I mean ASCII character number 20 in hexadecimal (which is ASCII
32, space, in decimal) and so on.
Positions Description
1-10	The name of the player. If the name is shorter than 10
	characters, you must write in 20 (hexadecimal) to the end.
34      Age.
37  	Armor Class (AC).
38	Food.
39	Condition. 00=Good, 01=Cursed, 02-03=Silenced, 04-FF=Poisoned
41-46	Equipping things 1-6. See note for the list of things.
59-64	Backpack things 1-6. See note for the list of things.
89	Spell points.
90	Spell points (*256).
91	Spell points left.
92	Spell points left (*256).
93	Gems.
94	Gems (*256).
95	HP.
96	HP (*256).
99	EP.
100	EP (*256).
101	EP (*65280).
102	EP (FF=30047993856).
103	Gold.
104	Gold (*256).
105	Gold (*65280).
106	Golf (FF=30047993856).
107	00=Good, 01=Neutral, 02=Evil, 03=Male, 04=Female
108	Mgt
109 	Int
110	Per
111	Spd
112	Acy
113	Lck
114	Level
115	SL
116	End
117	HP left.
118	HP left (*256).

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