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 Might & Magic 3 - The Isles of Terra Cheats

Might & Magic 3 - The Isles of Terra

Cheat Codes:
The teleporting passwords for this game are as follows:

DESTINATION                     Password
Fountain Head                 - Home Baywatch
Seadog Wildbar                - Freeman
Swamp Town                    - Doomed
Blistering Hieghts            - Red Hot
The Arena                     - The Arena
$2 million                    - doe miester
Ultimate power orb            - orb miester
View beginning FMV sequences  - 645
View latter FMV sequences     - 231
View ending sequence          - blastoff
Go to Swamp Town              - doomed
Go to Fountain Head           - home
Go to Baywatch                - seadog

Use the Arena to train your characters. After a certain 
number of visits trips there will be detrimental. 
So keep an eye out in case their stats start to decline.

Duplicate items:
Note: This requires the 5.25 floppy diskette version of the game. 
Put the items to be duplicated onto any character. Enter an inn. 
Pass the items you want duplicated to another character. Leave the
character you took the items from, and leave him in the inn. 
Return and pick him up and he will still have the items, along 
with the character you passed them to.

Swamp Town crash:
Note: This problem is present in the 5.25 floppy diskette version of
the game. There is a square outside Swamp Town near F3 that will cause
the game to crash. There is also one square near a dungeon that will 
also cause the game to crash.

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