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  Hints and Tips for: Millsberry 
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 Millsberry Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Bumper boats:
* Go to the game bumper boats in the arcade.
* Go to the 1 player tourament.
* Wait for one minute on the caracter select screen.
* A sea monster appears at the botton of the sreen.
* Go to the test robot and press the left button on the keyboard,
  you should see the sea monsters picture and skills.
* Start as the monster and hold up for the whole game.

Soccer ball:
Go to Millsberry Academy and go to the gym. Click on the soccer ball near
the rope or beside the yellow-haired boy and you could have it.

Hop-n-Drop trophy:
Successfully complete the Hop-n-Drop mini-game under the Hard difficulty

Submitted by: Gemma

Go onto Millsberry Sign in and scroll down to the weekly poll then click on
it and where you get the boxes to tick in go on the third box down and keep
cliking on it but click on the rim and after a little while stop cliking and
give your pc/laptop to load then onece it has loaded then see how much mony 
you have got and if you wont more then keep doingit as it will never say oops
you've already voted in this weeks poll and go and check my place out type in 
PHOOSATSTATE on millsberry.

How to get sylvie the sofa:
Submitted by: absar

Ok go to the arcade and play sylvie wave blaster complete all the levels without
losing ur 3 lives when u beet the game go on send score u get the money and it 
says u have earned sylvie the sofa or it will say u have earned a magnificant 

Submitted by: kasy

Hey people on millsberry there are fruitrollup hun and here are were you can find 
them at:
1.hardwear store.
2.arecade. some cities. hall.
5.acdemy entrance. store. store.

Submitted by: Hannah

* Go to the arcade and click on soduko.
* Play on easy mode. 
* Do the very easy puzzle
* when you are done, wait about 2 seconds.
* Then click on the hint button
* Wait for it to come back and click it again and again.
* When it doesn't come up again, finish the game and send the score.

You should get 1100 millsbucks. Sometimes it only gives you 800, but it is still 
a lot of money! Check out my house and yard sale-rainbowpeep444.

Free Sylvie Gift:
Submitted by: xantian

Log in to millsberry then click on "downtown". Then click "lake sylvane" then wait
for sylvie's head to come out the water then click on her head she will give you a

How many points for a trophy:
Submitted by: William Roman

I right now only have 13 trophies.If your not sure how many points you need, 
i will show you some.

Tricky Touchdown Trophy       - 1000 + points
Sink the Three Trophy         - 1500 + points 
Bumper Boats Trophy           - 500 + points
Hop N Drop Trophy             - Finish Game 
Solver Trophy                 - 500 + points
Millsberry 500 Trophy         - 1000 + points 
GDA Trophy                    - 500 + points
Half Pipe Skateboard Trophy   - 5000 + points (Keep doing a Triple Kick Flip)
Horton Hears a Who Trophy     - Be Around The 5th Level
Sherman Home Run Derby Trophy - 10,000 points
Peabody Park Cleanup Trophy   - 3000 + points

I also made the Good Guys and the Malawi trophy too. I made the Peabody Park Cleanup 
Trophy but since I made 2nd in the the list,they wouldn't want me to go on the list 
again after I was the 1st person EVER to score over 5000 points. I made it up to 5327 
points! Anyway this is how many points you need for the Peabody Park Cleanup. 
My username: wroman12

Lose money:
If you have a late fee at the library, put all your money in the bank.Then go back to
the library, click check in. It will say you have paid your late fee and returned your
book or something like that and you will not have to pay any money!

Red lion Manor info:
-=Ravenwood=- The oldest neighborhood in Millsberry, Ravenwood's homes are slender 
and tall, built hundreds of years ago. There's at least one historical landmark on 
every street corner. Although some of its oldest buildings were lost in the Great 
Fire, many still stand. During the fall, the neighborhood holds an "Olde Millsberry 
Days" celebration. Many of the families living in the homes are descendents of the 
city's original founders, and during the festival, they open their doors to show off
Ravenwood's magnificent history. The homes in Ravenwood aren't as modern as those 
in the other neighborhoods, but their antique charm more than makes up for their 
lack of modern comforts. 

-=Haunted Manor=- Red Lion Manor is one of the oldest houses in Millsberry and one of
the most famous. The house is rumored to be haunted, and its owners, Jacob and Martha
Mosley, have often hinted that they don't just maintain the home's historical furniture
and chinathey sometimes wonder if they are not also taking care of some of its former 
residents! The weeping willow trees that surround the house cover it with shifting 
shadows and block sunlight from the windows. 
Is it the darkness that makes the Manor the spookiest house in Ravenwoodor is it 
something else.

Free prize at the barn:
Submitted by: fty

Got to the millsberry academy gym and click on the soccer ball next to the blonde boy.
you will get to keep it.after the page reloads then you will see a button in the bottom 
left corner of the on it and it will give you a will have instructions 
on the page, just follow them and you will win a prize!!

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