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  Hints and Tips for: MinesWeeper for Windows 
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 MinesWeeper for Windows Cheats

MinesWeeper for Windows

Unlimited time:
Hold the Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button and press [Esc]. Alternately, hold 
the Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button + [Ctrl]. 

Reveal mine:
In the Windows 98 and earlier versions, type xyzzy, press [Keypad Enter] and [Left 
Shift] as soon as the game loads. Moving your pointer over a square with a hidden 
mine will result in a very small black pixel appearing in the top right corner of 
the screen. Alternately, type [Shift][Shift]xyzzy[Shift][Shift] after moving the 
pointer over the game area. 
Note: This code does not work in the Windows Millennium Edition version of the game.
In the Windows XP version, hold [Shift] and type xyzzx then press one box. If a small
white pixel appears in the top left corner, it will be safe to click the currently 
highlighted box. 

Sound effects:
Use a text editor to edit the "winmine.ini" file. Add the line "SOUND=3". 

Change best times:
Use a text editor to edit the "winmine.ini" file. Change the lines labeled "Name1", 
"Name2", and "Name3". Just change the name after the "=" sign, with the name you 
wish to have appear on the best times list. Also, if you wish to edit the times 
which appear on the list, edit the lines "Time1", "Time2", and "Time3", to the 
number of seconds. 

Easy win:
Go to the "Game" option and click on "Custom". Make the size as follows: height 24, 
width 30 and 10 mines. You should reveal a large number, if not all, of mines on the 
first click. If you win the gamem the smiley face will be wearing sun glasses.
Select the "File" option, then click on "Custom". Set both the width and height to 100 
and the mines to 10. If you are lucky you can get a one click win.

Freeze Time:
There’s an easy-to-execute glitch/cheat in Minesweeper that will stop the game’s time 
so you can take your time completing each puzzle (hence getting the high score!) To 
do so, start a new game and then quickly hit the Windows key and the D key at the same 
time to minimize the game to the bar below (and any other program). Then, maximize the 
game again and the clock will be permanently frozen.

First block:
When you are on any level, the first block you select will never be a mine (even if it 
has the black pixel in the top-right of the screen). 

Submitted by: Rajpreet Singh

Click on RUN from START MENU. Type winmine.ini and press OK, 
a notepad file will appear. Change the settings as follows:-
(Type your name in place of 'X')
(Your name will be inserted in the 'BEST TIMES' list)

To set a new record:
Submitted by: Aneez&Rineez

First you go to windows folder then open file "winmine.ini". In this file, in the raw
TIME1 you type any number less than TIME2 and TIME3. Then you type your name towards 
"NAME1=" and save it. After doing this you go to the game and open "BEST TIMES" in FILE
menu. Then you can see your name at firstplace.

Submitted by: Mehran Samad Nejad

Hold right and left click on Mouse and then Press Escape. The time is stop.

Submitted by: Liam Appelbe

Go to the game menu and put the difficulty on custom and type 24 in the height, 30 
in the width and 10 in the mines. It will then be very easy.

This cheat was submitted by Ian Oakey.

Goto the Windows Directory then look for a file named "winmine.ini". Open this 
up using wordpad. you will see the lines.


If u edit the 999 to a time like 10 for time 1, then put your name in for the 
name 1, whenu click on best times u will see your time listed with your name. I 
have completed this in 2 seconds and the other levels in 15 and 30. I must have the
record for cheating.

High score in minesweeper:
This cheat was submitted by Ian Oakey.

To change the high score in minesweeper you have to open the file "winmine.ini".
Once you have opened it change the name and time given at the bottom of the file.
The next time you open minesweeper your name with the best time will be displayed.

Reveal Mines: 
With your cursor inside the minesweeper window type "XYZZY" then press Shift-Enter
and Enter. A white dot should appear in the upper-left corner of the screen. If it
turns black, your cursor is resting on a mine. This trick works best if your Windows
background is black. 

Stop the Clock: 
While playing, hold down the left and right mouse buttons and you should see a 3x3
square imprint on the board. Next hit the ESC key while holding down both mouse 
buttons, and the timer is stopped!

Submitted by: pathay

To get your name in place of other go to windos and find "winmine.ini"and edit that
file as you wish.

Stop the clock:
To stop the clock, first click on something, then hold down both mouse buttons on
the minefield, and press Escape.

Simple easy cheat to win:
Submitted by: abdul abughazala

First you got to make the hight and width a 100 then you click on one of the 100 
and you will win to show your friends that your awesome at it simple and easy.

Submitted by: Ankit Ghava

* Start game and type "zyxxyz" and press shift and 1. 
* Keep background black
* If cheat is activated u will see white dot on left top corner of the screen if 
  bomb if under the piece you are going to open.

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