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  Hints and Tips for: Missing 
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 Missing Cheats


Avoiding Spoilers:
Submitted by: RM

1. Avoiding Internet Spoilers: Unfortunately, typing keywords into a 
search engine to find sites that are part of this game will also bring
up numerous sites that have walkthroughs for the game. One line in a 
description can ruin puzzles before you even realize what you?ve read.
The game's own SKL site has a search section that automatically adds 
-missing as a modifier to Google or MSN searches. Alternately, search 
using your own favorite engine and make sure to include -memoriam and/ 
or -missing every time to eliminate walkthroughs from the results.

2. Avoiding E-mail Spoilers: Other "people" investigating the case will 
send you hints and clues whether you want them or not. The trigger system
is based in part on what you have accomplished since the last time you 
logged into the black disc with an active internet connection. Sometimes
this results in the game misinterpreting your progress and sending a clue
or hint before you need it (or worse, one that you don?t want to see). 
The best way to avoid this is to not read any game e-mails*. That does 
tend to take away from the story though so try this instead: Every time
you complete a full set of puzzles, exit the game. Make sure you are 
connected to the internet then restart the game. Wait a few minutes for
things to catch up then read all your messages. Now, don't go back to 
your e-mails until you finish the next full set of puzzles or you get 
really stuck. This should help minimize accidental messages.

For old school hardcore types, it is possible to complete this game 
while reading only one e-mail. A second e-mail is required if you are
afraid of using a little brute force. Rot-13.

Must read: FBHAQGBBYSBEINEV SEBZTREL (mid to late game).
Might need to read: WNPXYBEFXVPNFR SEBZTREL (very early on).

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