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  Hints and Tips for: MLB Dugout Heroes 
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 MLB Dugout Heroes Cheats

MLB Dugout Heroes

Home run:
Submitted by: Chris

When ur opponent is a computer and the notice is on(the red mark of where the ball might 
be) always try to hit the ball with half the power to the left of the field and u should 
be able to get a quick home run. I did this twice and got two home run one after another. 
But remember if anythinh goes wrong while you try this trick ur ball might go up and get 
caught. And if that happens UR OUT!

MLB Dugout Heroes to include MLB Licensing with all major league clubs
and Ballparks GamesCampus has announced it has signed an online interactive
licensing agreement with MLB Advanced Media granting it the right to 
incorporate official Major League Baseball league and club marks and 
logos, MLB ballpark images and more in its upcoming micro-transaction 
based online baseball game, MLB Dugout Heroes. The multi-year agreement
gives GamesCampus the rights to all current and historical Major League 
teams, ballparks, All-Star teams and jewel events such as the home run 
derby. GamesCampus will also have rights to the official 2009 Major 
League Baseball regular season game schedule, enabling fans to simulate
real seasons through actual game and series matchups. MLB Dugout Heroes 
is a free PC-based baseball game expected to be available in North 
America for the 2009 baseball season.

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