Mobil 1 Rally Championship Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Mobil 1 Rally Championship 
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 Mobil 1 Rally Championship Cheats

Mobil 1 Rally Championship

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Enter these codes as name for player four:

Code                  Result
WORLD CLASS         - 8A Championship
TURBO CHALLENGE     - All A8 Cars in TT and Race Mode
ARCADE ACTION       - Arcade Mode Surprises
THROW ME A BONE     - Citroen Saxo WRC
MAX POWER           - Citroen WRC
ARCADE UNLIMITED    - Energy in Arcade Mode
GIVE ME TIME 1      - Extra Minute of Service Time in Arcade Mode
RADIO CAR           - R/C Car
SKIP                - Skip vehicle (slow but handles well)
FURRY DICE          - Hidden car
GROUP B             - Hidden car
LAMBAAGHINI         - Hidden car
MF HOTBACK          - Hidden car
MOOSERATI           - Hidden car
PRECIOUS THINGS     - Hidden car
SPUD CAR            - Hidden car
TREE HUGGER         - Hidden car

* Getting the most speed from your car is fine, but running it so hard
  that you bang the body, crack the windshield, and wear the tires, 
  tranny, and brakes prematurely is something different altogether. 
  Moderate your style of driving, or you will be looking at massive 
  time penalties in the repair shop. 

* This game can't be controlled well with a simple joystick. A wheel
  and pedal unit is highly recommended, preferably one with force 
  feedback, so you can fully appreciate what you're putting your 
  innocent car through. 

* Select a manual transmission for maximum punch, then get accustomed
  to working the shifter, accelerator, brakes, and steering wheel more
  frequently than in any other game you've ever played. 
  Continual moderation of controls is the only way to win. 

All Cars:
1.Go to options.
2.put player 4 name TURBO CHALLENGE

Play as a skip:
Submitted by: Jamie Gibson

To play as a skip, type in "skip" as player fours name. It's the slowest 
vehicle, but has excellent handling!

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