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  Hints and Tips for: Monkey Go Happy 
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 Monkey Go Happy Cheats

Monkey Go Happy

Chimp Cannon:
Submitted by: David K

On the level with the cannon and cannon balls, you should know that you can 
adjust the height of the cannon by clicking on it.

Safe crack:
Code is written in roman numerals in background.

Hints: Level 1:
* Click on the coconut.
* Click on the knife, the knife becomes your mouse.
* Move to the coconut and click it in the middle, and then it will open.
* Click the arrows to go to the next level.

Level 2:
* Click on the matchbox, then grab a match. The match becomes your mouse. 
* Now click and drag the matchbox through the matchbox side to turn it on. 
* Remember to click while doing this. 
* Now move the mouse to the fireworks match string and turn it on. 
* Click next.

Level 3:
* Grab the gun. 
* Your mouse becomes an aim, and you have to click on the ducks to shoot them.
* There are 4 ducks. Remember to be the quickest possible. 
* A suggestions is to stay in the opposite side of where the duck is coming from,
  to shoot it right when it gets to the end. Next.

Level 4:
* Grab the bowling ball. Now put the ball in the bowling way. 
* It doesn't matter where you put it, just pay attention to the bar in the top,
  and wait till the little point gets to the middle, where it says "strike". 
* The ball will automatically do a strike. 

Level 5: 
* Click on the remote control. Now click on the "on" button, and click on the 
  channel up button (the button that has an arrow up). Now click this twice, 
  till your at channel three. 
* Orangutan pictures! Yay! Click next.

Level 6:
* Click on the coin bag. A coin will come up. Move the coin to the little opening
  (where it says 1$), and click. The monkey wants the monkey plushie, remember. 
* So click the arrow thee times, and then click down. Wee! Click next.

Level 7:
* Click on the cannonballs, a ball will appear. Move the ball to the top of the 
  cannon (the little light spot is the best point to click) to put the ball in. 
* Now *remember* to click the cannon twice to set the cannon's position. 
* Grab the light and turn on the cannons match. Bullseye! Next.

Level 8:
* This level is quite simple, just click on all the mushrooms. 
* They should be easy too spot. 
  (If you can't find one, i suggest looking behind the cut three). Nam. Next.

Level 9:
*A puzzled picture! Simple. Click on the first picture 4 times. 
*Click on the second picture 3 times. 
*Click on the third picture 2 times, and the last, 1. 

 A little map:
 1=4 2=3
 3=2 4=1.

Level 9:
*This is pretty simple. Click on the piece in the top of the screen, and then 
 drag it to the shadow that has the same shape. Do that to all the shapes. 
*Once you put them all, click on the purple ball int the upper right corner.
*A little animation, and the monkey goes happy! Next. As you know it.

Level 10:
*This level is pretty simple, just click on the letter, and then move the mouse 
 along all the map lines, to the question mark. The order is A, B, C. You don't 
 need to click, just move. And you have to do them all. Treasure! Ne-ext.

Level 11:
*Whack-a-mole! Click on the mallet, your mouse will become the mallet. 
*Now move the mouse over all the moles, and click over them to smash them.
*Once you smash one, it will break and it will block the hole it is in, making
 things easier. You need to smash 9. 

Level 12:
*Everyone's favorite level, the mouse avoider! Move your mouse through the maze. 
*It can get irritating. My suggestion is that you move your mouse the least possible,
 so that you don't get stuck when your mouse doesn't have more space. 
 Just keep trying! Once you get to the end, click on the needle. 
 The maze will disappear, and you can go pop the balloon. 

Level 13:
This level is easy, if you know the code. You ca figure the code out on the wall.
...but, it's 2497. Just click on the numbers. (If it doesn't work, try 2597).

Level 14:
The last level! Click on the tree on the corner. Drag it, and put it in the red pot.
Now click and drag the decorations all around, 4 balls, and 4 strings, and, the star. 
Now, click on the cable, and then click on the connection hole. 
Remember to do it quick!

How to skip level. 12:
Submitted by: cool dude

First, put your mouse on start, then right click, then just put your mouse on the
needle, pop the balloon, and monkey go happy!

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