Monkey Island 3 - Curse of Monkey Island Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Monkey Island 3 - Curse of Monkey Island 
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 Monkey Island 3 - Curse of Monkey Island Cheats

Monkey Island 3 - Curse of Monkey Island

Chapter skip:
Press [Shift] + V followed by X during the sea fights in chapter three to
advance to chapter 4.

View ending sequence:
Press [Shift] + W.

Working clock:
The Curse of Monkey Island integrates itself with the Windows clock. On 
Plunder Island, the clock in Puerto Pullo chimes accurately on every hour
and half hour. In addition, having Guybrush look at the clock gives you 
an accurate (and humorous) time of day, to the second.

More Gold Teeth:
First give Captain Blondebeard a stick of gum. Then pop it with the pin. 
Chew a piece of gum and give it to him. Pick up the gold teeth and put it 
in the chewed gum. pop the gum and pick up the other gold tooth.

Submitted by: Juampi Zapata

To go to the underwater scene try to pick up water (on blood island) for about 
26 times. Then Guybrush will go underwater.
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