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  Hints and Tips for: Monopoly Here and Now 
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 Monopoly Here and Now Cheats

Monopoly Here and Now

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Buy'em all in 1 round:
After you finish moving or whatever you've done in game, DON'T CLICK BUTTON
"FINISH TURN", and then do trade with the second player and then cancel it.
You will find the button already change to "Roll Dice". So there you go!

Submitted by: rejjy

If there are 3 cards of one colour and you have got one and the computer has
got the other 2, the computer will trade with you. Don't click accept on 
seeing the hefty amount. To make it more hefty, click on the money thingy on
the computer's part and increase the amount. This way you can earn upto 1000m.

Get tons of money:
Submitted by: Justin

First if you have one property and the computer has 2 others in same color, it
will trade, decline it, then trade for it like 15 mil for green, then trade the
full cost for it to get it back so it doesnt have a monopoly!

How to rob the computer?:
Submitted by: Anu4mkol

When you have 3 cards or the computer has 2 and you have 1 or you have two and the 
computer has 1 of the same house color ,than once the computer has 2 and you have 1 
it will send you a trade if not than you have 3 house colors 1rst trade those 3....
Then when you are trading click on all his properties except the house color of 3 sets 
you are giving put the money thing to Allin and he will not Dennie so have fun and enjoy.

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